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Is it weird to take a weave that doesn’t belong to you out of the country? #paris

Greetings from Paris

I love my sister so much. Only way I could love her more is if she had a thyroid thing too.

Not anorexia, it’s a thyroid issue. I don’t know what it says about me that I got this thin and didn’t think there was anything wrong. Last Friday, I had a bulge in my neck that finally got me to the doctor. I’m STILL waiting on blood work but my doc thinks it’s Graves. If you just had a baby and have lost an inordinate amount of weight, feel like you are on cocaine, are suddenly heat intolerant, can’t stop losing hair, and think your husband is being a dick it might just be your thyroid!! Get checked ASAP #thyroid #6monthspostpartum

After hearing that I might have Graves’ disease, I decided to lighten the mood w some German art. #thyroid

Does this sweater make my thyroid look fat?

My exact sleeping position #Laz #6monthsold

Many of you have written and asked me about my rapid weight loss. Weight loss that to be honest, I couldn’t really explain until now. This morning I woke up w a giant bulge in my neck the size of a golf ball. I had blood work and an ultrasound and will be waiting for the results over the weekend. Though I am not certain, I have good reason to believe it is some sort of hyperthyroidism. Apparently this is common in women AFTER PREGNANCY. If anyone has experienced this or thinks they might have the same thing, please leave me a message below. Also anyone in NYC w a Doc they love #thyroid #hyperthyroidism #nyc

On April 25 Let’s relive all the joys of my second trimester! My Partner Knows Best hits your homes at 10/9c on Lifetime

Milking my day old fake eyelashes. Also working on a project that I need your help with! Would love to know what your kid‘s favorite candy/treat/dessert is. Please leave comments below my mouth zit. #nyc #momstuff #mouthzits

Just found this romantic shot of me and @thesuemurphy in #frenchpolynesia

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