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I am grateful for such an open and supportive community of stationers and calligraphers.
I believe that when we are friends with each other, even though we may technically be competitors, it makes the comparison game go away and instead of comparing or being envious of someone else's opportunity or work, we can be happy for our friend.
I have been there and have played the comparison game too. I think everyone has. However, just because someone else's work is amazing does not make your work any less valuable. I promise, there are enough clients and enough projects to go around.
Envy and discouragement get us nowhere and weigh our hearts down. Being genuinely happy for and encouraging others and doing our own best work brings freedom and joy.

Transparent menus are a current favorite

Be generous with your knowledge and never let pride keep you from asking for help or from taking advice. No matter where you are in your business, you can always learn something new.
Recently I leaned a new trick about how to avoid bleeding ink when doing calligraphy on ribbon from @seniman_calligraphy and also tried my old cheap printer for hand made paper - which worked very well and which I never would have tried if it hadn't been for @shastabellcalligraphy sharing about her printer in her stories.
Both of these artists were unselfish and shared tips and insight without expecting anything in return. I love seeing this community be open and friendly and willing to share. I think it makes us all stronger.
Who have you learned something from recently? Tag them and let them know.

When your camera is flipped around on top of the table at lunch and it is a perfect shot.

When I think of Iceland, I think of both the rugged and wild landscapes and the minimal clean lines of Scandinavian design. I used beautifully textured paper by @taraspencer_ and kept the text extremely stark and simple. I cannot wait to see what @jessicasloane creates with these pieces this week.

Up the stairs, down the stairs, pivot, repeat as many times as possible. She can go up by herself, but down is another story and after a while she is tired and her legs are wobbly, but she doesn't want to stop.

Texture heaven. Sometimes I think I use the work texture too much - is that possible? I love it so much. Vellum and golden thread over delicious paper from @taraspencer_

Completely in love with this scene and palette from a shoot this week with @sallypineraphoto and @chloeandmint

This suite was very minimal. I love keeping the paper pieces more simple and adding interest with the styling elements. The right pieces have the ability to bring a paper suite together and evoke a mood.

Extremely minimal set heading to Iceland with @jessicasloane. I cannot wait to see her work her magic with these in that beautiful setting.

I met @lindsaygoedken of @ivoryandbliss at a workshop last year and we instantly became friends. She has a sweet and energetic spirit and not to mention an amazing aesthetic and energy. If she ever asks me to be part of something with her, my answer is yes! I am so thankful that I have gotten to meet and collaborate with such wonderful creatives. This is a peek of a project that we recently did together. Lindasy, thank you for making my work look so lovely.
Have you made long-term friends at a workshop?

Escort card stack.

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