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Jennifer Gagnon  Idk what I’m doing but I just like to lift heavy sh*t. Dogs. 🐾 🏋🏼‍♀️ @skywearthreads- “JENNYGFIT15” 💪🏼DAS LAB AMBASSADOR- “JennyG20”

Finally getting my grip strength back in my hand with some shoulders and back today. Woke up today a little later than I wanted to and more tired than ever but I still got it done. #whatsyourexcuse

A good leg day to finish off my crazy day. It feels soooo good to be back to the gym and to be back at work. •

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Being the most open right now because it’s been on my mind. So I’ve lost a total of 50 pounds throughout my whole weight loss journey.
Am I proud? Hell yeah I am.
Am I more confident? Hell yeah I am.
Do I regret it? No one second of it.
But the biggest thing I HATE about my weight loss, is my loose skin (last video). Some may look at that as gross because to me it is gross. But I want to be open about it to show that not all you see is rainbows and butterflies. I still struggle with insecurities although I thought loosing weight would make happier with myself, which it has but it comes with pros and cons just like anything in life. I used to be so insecure about me being over 200 pounds but now I’m so insecure about my loose skin. The loose skin makes me feel like I’m still fat. When I sit, I don’t have fat rolls, I have skin rolls.... (that just sounds weird) but it’s true. With that being said I am happy with my hard work and dedication that it takes to get to where I am, I am proud of myself too don’t get me wrong. Hope everyone has a good day!!!

Shoulder pump on chest day?? I’ll take it. But today I woke up feeling really good, and realized that my leggings are now becoming lose (or am I dreaming). This is why I do what I do. For the results. Once you see results you’ll realize that this is all worth it and this is why you started in the first place. Not once have I regretting losing weight, or have I regret starting this journey. I’m glad I did and I am proud of how hard I’ve been kicking ass in this journey as well. #selflove #doitforyou

I felt strronnngg today. Shoulders and back, added deadlifts bc deadlifts are life, sorry coach. Got 205# for 4, I honestly could of gotten that 5th one but my mind was saying something else.

Quads and shoulders AND plyometrics. This was a killer, kind of rushed the lifting part so I had time to do the plyometrics and wish I didn’t (plyos are killer).

NEW SHIRT. NEW PR. 275# sumo deadlifts. 30# difference from my last max. BUTT (it’s a big butt) I failed at 285#. HELL YA BOYZ. •

Video creds: @liljon_17 (thx again for pushing me to my max(literally))

Guess I’ll take pictures here instead (better lighting anyways. Cut my macros again this week. Can’t wait to see more gains this week. 😍

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🚨take a shot every time I fail at a pistol squat. These things are hard and there’s so many people on insta that make it look so easy... until you actually do it lmao. It was a great finisher on my leg day tho!! ALSO PEEP MY FREAKING SOCKS. That is all❤️

HEYYYOOO. 225# for conventional, got to break in my sisters belt. I love getting to workout with her bc I have my own personal motivator, recorder and well having my coach with me is a plus. Here’s a full shoulder/bicep workout. ⬇️⬇️⬇️ Conventional Deadlifts
Lateral raises 4x12
Hammer curls 3x10
Frontal raises 4x12 SS ez bar curls 4x12
Rear delt flies 4x10
Bicep curls 3x10
BURNOUT: around the world AMRAP •

Ofcourse wearing my fav leggings from @skywearthreads. Y’all need to snag a pair and just see for yourself. Code “JENNYGFIT15”

I’m going to try and record my whole workout tomorrow because one, I want to and two, because some people have told me they save my workouts and use them!! I love getting the positive feedback that I have been getting. It’s not an easy journey but it’s easy when you have a HUGE support system. Just know, whoever is having a hard time continuing their journey and reaching their goals I am behind you and rooting you on every step of the way!!! Keep at it my peeps.

It doesn’t matter how you start or when you start, all that matters is that you don’t give up and you keep going.

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