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Jennifer  #thedogMaddox 🐶 Greenville Pet Photographer📸#jcatherinephotography Orangetheory Fitness🧡#OTFGreenville

#thedogMaddox waiting on the storm.

His lease was removed for the photo. 🙃

Enjoyable morning on the water.

This guy has so much swag. #thedogMaddox

The weather may not have been sunny, but today’s paddle was still awesome. We got to “meet” the newest addition on Rachael Carson Reserve. The foal is about two weeks old. 🐴
These are wild horses so we kept our distance.

#thedogMaddox is a born beach bum. EI is his happy place!

#thedogMaddox is feeling much better. The pillow is only to keep him from messing with his sutures while we’re not home. Thanks for all the messages! 💙🐾

Enjoyed a rainy day hike with #thedogMaddox while Jeremy had work duties.

❄️ Snow Day ❄️
We managed 6.5 miles while it continued to snow. May be the best snow day ever. #yeahthatsnow

He is a photogenic boy, but he’s just as handsome in person. #thedogMaddox #legsfordays

#thedogMaddox has been ‘beary’ good this year and is ready for Christmas!

Snood from @zoosnoods. They are on sale and shipping is free for the USA! #zoosnoods ❤️

It has been a non-stop trip but I had a wonderful time at Disney this week with @jpwakefield. Now to get Maddox!

He’s such a serious pup. #thedogMaddox

Matching scarf/bandana set from local maker @thesouthernbarkco ❤️🐶