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I had an unforgettable evening paddling with these two πŸ₯œ. Both of you are like family and I'm going to miss you when you're gone! @kbakes05 and I will make a visit to AL to see you @sarah_amick. You can't get rid of us that easily. 😘

Headed out to paddle. Perfect end to a Saturday. β˜€οΈ 🌊

It has been non-stop with #MedusaTheRottie. 🐢🐢
She keeps #thedogMaddox on his toes.

Our goofy house guest. She's all heart ❀️#MedusaTheRottie

#thedogMaddox has a house guest for the week... #MedusaTheRottie! 🐢 I think I have a picture like this from each of her stays with us.

Love Saturday morning bunch with my boys. #thedogmaddox

Continuing on with the new friends and those that inspire me since @otfgreenville opened 6 months ago, meet the Cables! - ❌ I just finished a 12 hour shift
❌ There are too many people in our homes with too many things going on to make time for the gym
❌ I don't like cardio
❌ I don't like group classes
❌ Because we do have a large family at home we don't get much quality time together
❌ I'm working on another degree. I need the time to study and focus.
... and the excuses could go on and on, but no they have never used any of these. However, they are all "valid" excuses. Laura and Randy have SIX children (and even a grandchild), both work full time. Laura works 12 hour shifts as a nurse. In addition to Randy working, he is in school to get his master's. He has come in a few times after staying up late to work on a paper. Since they do have busy schedules they use their time at #OTFGreenville to spend together. Even after class they sit in the lobby to chat with each other before heading off to their day. It's like their morning date time ❀️.
Occasionally, I pop back to chat with them. Although I hate to interrupt their quality time but Laura always makes me laugh. And there are time when Laura is working a 7-7 and doesn't make it for a morning class that I will sit and chat with Randy. He's a pretty interesting guy. He's been in the same career field since college. You don't hear of that often anymore and when he retires he plans to teach at the college level about his current career field.
The other thing I love about them is how much they love @orangetheory. I met Laura during pre sale. She was excited then, but she wasn't sure if she could get Randy convinced... ugh, cardio.... in a group?! But she got him there and now we couldn't get rid of him if we tried. Plus, they have both become stronger, faster, healthier and even lost weight!
I love their commitment to everything they do.

I'm often asked is Orangetheory Fitness is like "Gym XYZ" or what makes @otfgreenville different... aside from the obvious like the technology it all comes down to one word, community. I've never worked out somewhere that gave me the same support and motivation like #OTFGreenville. It's a unique atmosphere. Kind of like a team. You're not competing with each other but rather cheering each other on no matter where you are in your fitness journey. I love seeing the members high five each other as they move through the studio.
Also, the COACHES! So many times I have walked into class ready to give it 50%. I get up at 3 AM and by the time noon rolls around for class I'm done and ready to go home. But it never fails that our coaches push me to give my all and for that I am grateful. I have to give a huge shout out to Coach @nikmccollum. More times than not i hate her during the 60 minutes. She calls me out when I am slacking and she increases the gears on the bike when she knows I can do more.

A week from today marks SIX MONTHS since @otfgreenville had its grand opening! In that time we have made so many new friends and the OTF Family is growing daily. You all are an inspiration. I want to share some of the amazing people that I have met thanks to #OTFGreenville.

Meet Kat! She is so strong - physically and mentally. I worked out along side of her a week ago and she killed the rower next to meet. We have a challenge and she crushed it every time. Plus she hopped off the rower and headed back to the weight room while I sat there trying to catch my breathe (until Coach @nikmccollum "kindly suggested" I get moving). Without going into details, Kat has had a difficult year. Her mental strength and her perseverance inspire me. She has a valid bag of excuses for why she can't workout but she does and does it consistently. I want to be like Kat... No Excuses.

Most challenging paddle to-date. @jpwakefield and I got stuck in a current and paddled nowhere for what seemed like a lifetime. Couldn't stop paddle; if we did the waters would push us back. However, thankful to have had the time on the water.

#thedogmaddox is a total beach bum

Every once in a while we put on "real" clothes.

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