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There's no better workout partner than your best friend❤❤ #bemorehuman

Can you change people?

My answer, is no. The reason why I say no is the fact that people are always going to do what they're going to do regardless of what we think. We can only encourage them to do things a little differently but it is up to them to make their own choices. The number one reason why I don't think relationships last is because people try to change eachother and it just doesn't work like that. Why? Because we are our own person and the descisions and actions we make is our own. You don't have to like what the other person does but if you're going to be with them, you must accept who they are.
Another thing I'd like to mention about this topic is nagging. You don't need to get at someone for every little thing that they do wrong, it only creates tension and it sure as hell annoys the shit out of the other person. The best thing you can do to help yourself with this is to learn this saying I have followed for years- You can think it, but you don't need to say it. People make mistakes and so do you, they are not perfect and neither are you. If you can learn to brush off the little things, you and your partner will be a lot happier with eachother.

I'm very positive if someone tried to change me and nagged me to death, I wouldn't want to be with that person either. Let people be people. We're all our own individuals and that's what makes us, us.


Leg and booty day is my favvvvoorrriiittteee😁👉🍑 Here are some of the exercises I did....
Deadlifts 4x10
Leg Press 4x20
Kick Backs 4x10
Lateral Leg Raises 4x10-12

I like to use lighter weight due to my uncooperative knees😂 but it allows me to really focus on squeezing and going slow in each rep or doing more reps untill failure.

I get asked a lot about how much weight I can lift for different exercises and my answer usually is I have no idea. For my workouts I like to set a certain rep goal and for each set I adjust the weight to be able to reach my set amount of reps. When it comes to building muscle it's all about the squeeze, time under tension, and that mind to muscle connection🤓


I love you with all my heart❤


July 2017 👈👉 July 2018

How do we know when to stop?

Last year in July after a long and hard school year/ track season I had the decision to either continue training like I was to go into cross country season or to stop everything I was doing to take care of my health.

My training during track season included:

45 minutes of fasted cardio followed by an hour of lifting at 4am in the morning.

After school at 2:30 pm I would train at track practice until 4 - 4:30pm.

At 5pm I would take part in pole vault practice for another hour or hour and a half.

I did this everyday, besides the weekend when I would run 5 to 6 miles then lift for an hour or two followed by another 30 to 45 minutes of cardio.

Each day I ate from 1400 to 1800 calories a day depending how bad I was feeling about myself or how much extra cardio I did. I knew I wasn't eating enough, but I was so obsessed with my weight and how I looked that I didn't care if I went to bed starving and woke up so dizzy and tired that I thought I would pass out.

All of this went on for 9 months, that is a long time to starve yourself and beat the shit out of your body. This all started because of one opinion that triggered me to relapse, it was that easy. The emotions I felt during this time was anger, loneliness, I was very sad, and I was so tired that sometimes I felt numb to everything around me. I felt dead, to the point to where I would say something horrible to someone and watch them cry and feel absolutely nothing at all.

This wasn't living. This is not something that I am proud of. This is why I walked up to my parents who had watched me for the past 9 months and had said nothing to tell them exactly what I had been doing to myself even though they already knew, but they decided to let me figure it out on my own.
You have to admit your doings, YOU have to make the choice to stop what you are doing and realize the damage you have caused to yourself. Nobody can save us, we have to save ourselves.

I'm going to end my post here but in my following posts I will be sharing more of my story, experiences and advice for those of you who may be struggling with an eating disorder as well.

Happy thursday❤

You are the only one who can stop you.

I hope you all enjoy this amazing edit my friend @ryan_berry656 made!

Go check out his page @rb_studio_ 😊

Thank you Ryan, you did an incredible job!


Had a great time shooting a video with my buddy @ryan_berry656 today!
I was sooooo excited to get in some phormula-1 and Ignition after my sweaty leg workout. I always feel so much better after drinking my post -workout shake that I was ready to go back in and do some more work!

I have some great content coming your way😁 Turn on my post notifications so you don't miss out!

We're halfway through the week, keep killing it everyone👊❤

Proud but never satisfied👊

Unapologetically Me. 📸 @smol_boi_luke_photography

How others choose to percieve us is their own choice. We cannot prevent people from talking or making their own perceptions about who we are but we can choose not to accept their words or hate and ignore the noise.

In high school, people either accepted me or they didn't. I either got amazing compliments that made me feel great or I got hateful and degrading comments that made me feel like absolute shit. I ignored the hate and turned it into more fuel for my fire to become even greater.

I know who I am, I have accepted that I am not for everyone and everyone is not for me. My #1 rule for others is if you accept me I will accept you. If you help me out, I will help you out.
I am here on this earth for a reason and I have found it. I want to lift people up of all ages, sexes, races, sizes, etc. And take you all with me on a greater journey of becoming better. To become better individuals, to build better bodies, and to bring life to whatever it is that you want to do or accomplish.

For me, life is all about helping people, to be selfless and use the tools that I have to help anyone and everyone that comes my way.

If you would like to contact me shoot me an email or a dm and I will get in touch with you as soon as possible.

Have a wonderful day everyone❤❤

It's about being the light in your own darkness🌹

Photocreds: @smol_boi_luke_photography

Taking baby steps to get my form down on these cleans to ensure I don't injure myself. Starting small and working my way up as I go😊

Lately I've had a lot on my mind, so I spent a couple hours in the gym today doing a lot of high intensity movements to get all of my energy out.
On the days where I feel stressed out or upset, I love going to the gym and working so hard that I feel exhausted after. Instead of spending my energy on things that don't make me better, I spend it on things that do.
After my workout I went to the empty workout room upstairs, turned off the lights, shut the doors, and sat in the dark and stretched. I find it very relaxing to have some peace after a long workout. It gives me time to stretch and reflect about my workout and things that are going on in my life.

The gym is my sanctuary and a place where I found myself and became who I am today❤

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