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“Don’t touch my ball.” -#waylonpuffer #dogsofinstagram

We’re a few weeks into being Ohioans and we are liking it.

Soaking up these dwindling summer nights.

I interrupt the regularly scheduled beautiful photographs of Instagram to ask “what the f$&@?” Details emerge in a case involving a police officer shooting her black neighbor IN HIS OWN HOME and it’s called a “controversy” and not a murder in the headlines...presumably because Fox News had a rare moment of empathy for a woman and decided she must have been confused and disoriented?!#racism #convenient. *edit* I’ve deep dived into the info @rachel.cargle provides on effectively helping to change this racist evil - go check it out.

This used to me my backyard 😮 #magic

She’s the gentlest baby I’ve ever met and Waylon couldn’t be more grateful. 👶🏼🐶💞

One month of not really having a home is harder on me than I thought it would be (so weird for an introverted homebody, right?!). I swear I have super fun things to share about our adventure and new lives here in Ohio but for now all I have for you is this sleepy baby with a dose of melancholy. (Lol not lost on me that I’ve pretty much just whined on social media about this whole move since we announced it 🙄 - I don’t do transitions well obviously 😅)

It’s pretty here. #awaywego

Driving cross country with little ones is hard so we haven’t been super inclined to veer from the course but visiting the gravesite of Sacajawea was worth the detour. The grit and resilience that this women must have had is astounding. For the last decade my home was on the west coast and it isn’t lost on me that this is a privilege I’ve had due in no small part to her oppression. Ruminating on how my ancestors have mistreated Native Americans and what that means for me today.

Laundry daze.

Driving days are the hardest days so I’m going to reminisce on this magic moment by the lake in Grand Teton National Park (the moment right before I discovered a leech attached to Cora’s butt and she loved it so much we had to keep it in a coffee mug outside the RV for the rest of our stay 😬) #awaywego

Sometimes nature is magical and peaceful and serene...other times it’s just mind blowing. 😮

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