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The just completely never ending work of mothering and housekeeping. 🤦🏼‍♀️

Grape jelly grape jelly grape jelly 🍇🍇🍇

Today, on International Woman's Day, I witnessed a man hit, shove, threaten, and chase his wife on the street. I didn't know what to do and the action I did take proved to be wildly inadequate and unsafe for both myself and her. I am fine: I wish that I could say for certain that the same is true for her. So please read the article linked in my profile, one that I wish I'd seen sooner, and I hope that if you witness something similar you are able to act and to do so in a way that is both effective and safe. ▪️
On a related note : We have not come far enough when our president is a self-proclaimed sexual assailant, when men can fearlessly attack woman in public, and when woman are still paid less than a man doing the same exact job. I'm thankful that I finally tried on that "dirty" word feminist - it fits perfectly. #whyimarch #iAMafeminist
 #nationalwomensday ▪️ (I shared a bit about this earlier and deleted as I was still in a bit of shock from my encounter and didn't feel I had articulated it well- so sorry if you've already heard this from me today.)

Cora contemplates the significance of voting rights. Get out and vote Angelenos! (Yes on H and No on S specifically to move forward on housing our homeless neighbors!)

Our caterpillars turned into butterflies!!! 🦋🦋

Whole 30, Day 4 - My "Kill ALL of the things phase" face. #whole30

Having a toddler is fun.

Lazy Friday afternoons. Welcome back socal weather -we've missed you.

Soaking up the last few minutes of vacation on a hillside swing set. #vacationvibes

If you know Cora you know about her absolute obsession with dogs. She asks, loudly, if she can pet every single dog we pass. This is Tutti and her owner had tears spring to her eyes at the request. We found a corner to plop down in while Cora got all the puppy snuggles she could squeeze out of this sweet service dog. I asked Barbara how she was and she burst into tears describing how difficult it's been for her living amongst the mental illnesses in the low income housing she calls home. She felt that she herself was beginning to develop a mental illness after being immersed in it for five years. She also said her own daughter had just turned 25 and she wanted so badly to be reconciled to her. Upon leaving she cried yet again, thanking us for stopping to spend time with her. (Which I mean-really she was doing the enormous favor to me by letting my rambunctious toddler climb all over her sweet dog.) If you are the praying type will you send up some prayers for Barbara and Tutti-that they'd find a healthier home and that her relationship with her daughter would be healed? Motherhood lesson #1738563628 : My daughter points me to Christ effortlessly-I need to remember that when I'm struggling to do the same for her. #lovepeople

"I think he wants me to help him feed him his hay" -Cora

My brave girl with her brave dad. #vacationvibes

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