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Jenna Puffer  Jesus Follower - Wife - Mother - Daughter - Sister - Friend


Immensely thankful that God chose this man to be my dad. Happy Father's Day to him. πŸ“Έ @chantastic

This guy isπŸ‘ŒπŸ»Happy Father's Day @jakepuffer - we hit the jackpot with you 😍

It takes a village to raise kids and I'm grateful to have part of my village a mere eight minute drive away in this sprawling city. Before Cora, most of my friendships were defined by long heart to hearts over wine, shopping trips, and loads of quality time. This new kind of friendship happens in the cracks between mothering; in the short exchanges as we drop off kids and coffee so one of us can get a break, in the text messages asking "is your kid doing (insert weird behavior), too?", and in the frazzled and distracted conversations over yelling toddlers and messy kitchens. Thank you @ashleehenninger for being a friend on this crazy ride called motherhood...and also for totally and completely saving my sanity these last couple of weeks as I've single-parented it. #wonderwoman

Once upon a time I drank my coffee black with a cigarette in hand (dumb). These days I know myself a little bit better...drinking this coffee flavored almond milk with no shame. (To any young ones seeing this: don't smoke, it honestly nearly ruined my life.)

My "Straight Outta Compost" bin tomatoes. This probably means we aren't composting correctly but I'm going to go ahead and not worry about it because these are hands down the best tomatoes I've ever eaten. Also-don't spend your whole morning drinking coffee and then pile a giant bowl of tomato stew on top of it for lunch - acid reflux for HOURS πŸ€’

Proof (and a much needed reminder) that she is still so very little. #chubbybabyfeetforever

I heard that depression, hair loss, and extreme fatigue doesn't have to define the postpartum experience so I'm prepping a bit differently this time around. Also, baby snuggles are just - the best. And if that last photo isn't a sound biblically based argument for paid maternity leave and the importance of caring for new mothers I don't know what is. πŸ€·πŸΌβ€β™€οΈ

How was this only a week ago? Vacation time moves too fast 🌴🌺🌴🌺 #dawntheroadagain

I'm not sure we are going to be able to do without shave ice 😬

It's a bit windy here on our last day πŸ˜‚

Adventure planning with fellow Otsego High School alum @malloryroe over some delicious coffee and acai.

Baby-mooning with our OG is the best. So much joy being seared into my memory this week 😍

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