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jennnnaayyyyyy  It takes a big heart to shape little minds ❤️

I try to keep myself as busy as possible while @savag1313 is gone, but when he's home I drop everything for him. 5 days is never enough, even though I get annoyed when he's home cause my routine is thrown off I'd rather him be home. Miss you hunny 😘

I came home to beautiful flowers the other day. Thank you @savag1313 #valentinesearly

Depression relapse is a real thing. Over the past years I've had a few slips, but nothing like the past few days. Thank you for the people who tried to help, but I owe the biggest thank you to my mom. #mentalhealthisreal #depression #becarefulwhatyousay #sicknotcrazy

When a good day turned a bit shitty #whyme #jeepcompass #jeepgirl #jeep®

Starting to feel a lot like Christmas 🎄 🎅

2.5 more years to go #bachelordegree #icanthandleit

2 years ago I officially started dating the one I want to annoy for the rest of my life. I will love you forever babe ❤️ #happyanniversary #ourfirstdate #ourfirstbigpurchase #ourfirstflighttogether

Pumpkin carving with the fam and @emmanorrie69 @masterpiece.18 #pikachu⚡ #cheshirecat

This will be me today @savag1313 comes home for a few days #soexcited #cuddlesneeded #hesgunnabesmothered #nopersonalspace

Day 6 of @savag1313 being out of town so I decided to cheer myself up I would do my make up and thank you to @snip.n.stitch for doing my hair 💇🏼

When you miss him so you decide to wear his sweater to school #sappyaf #puma #smellslikehim @savag1313