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Had a bitchin’ time at @stefanierenee’s totally 80’s birthday party! Happy b-day, Stef!! Such a blast donning spiky hair, big earrings, teal eyeliner and hot pink lipstick - all the stuff my mom wouldn’t let me wear back in the day. Haha! Swipe for the obligatory 80’s glamour shot 😉 #ilovethe80s

Today marks the first anniversary of my dad's passing. I did a beautiful and moving ritual in therapy this afternoon to honor his memory and express my gratitude for all that I learned from him and continue to learn even now that he's gone. One of the most important things he showed me was the power of following your creative passions when he left his left-brain engineering career to pursue a right-brain culinary one. I also learned how to play the ukulele when I inherited his (and played it my ceremony today!). His creative flair and deep introspection live on in me. While dealing with loss is hard, this grief journey has also opened up so much more appreciation, love, compassion, and insights and for that I am forever grateful. Miss you, dad!

Not only do I love this painting by VIP client @annamieka_ , I also love the story behind it...
You see, I was completely drawn in by this iceberg painting but I had no idea that it was actually born out of our coaching work together! After I purchased it off her site, Annamieka shared with me that this painting is her business plan. How cool and perfect is that?! She created it during a goal-setting retreat that she led at her studio with a group of creatives on New Year's Day. This piece served as her "visual reminder to be solid and yet, flowing... respect all the work that you do beneath the surface in order to show up in the world." Very powerful! And wow, is she ever working this plan.
Tomorrow, May 1st, Annamieka is kicking off a year-long creative mentorship program for artists to create a cohesive body of work and it’s called Let’s Go Deep. She let me know that she’s got a fantastic cohort already forming. I’m so happy for her (and her peeps!). She’s put so much of her heart and soul into this program and it’s inspiring to see it out in the world! I love when clients are rocking their plans and sharing their gifts.
And I love having this meaningful visual displayed in my office right under my RBBP as a beautiful reminder to honor all that’s going on below the surface.

Kaya had another great day on the beach!

Capping off a gorgeous day with a dinner date at Nick’s Cove.

Enjoying my beachside getaway with @brianng (it’s a little chilly here but still beautiful!).

One of Kaya’s favorite places! #happydog

A quick look at my 30 days of doodling during #aedm2017. Bye November, hello December! #jennleeittybittysketch

Day 30 #aedm2017 doodle: Yay! Yet another Art Every Day Month challenge under my belt. Thanks to everyone who followed along my month of doodles 😊 and thanks again @leah_art for creating this awesome challenge all those years ago. #jennleeittybittysketch

Day 29 #aedm2017 doodle: It’s hard to believe that it was 10 years ago to this day when I made my first Right-Brain Business Plan during Art Every Day Month 2007. I’m thrilled that this fun and visual approach has helped so many creative entrepreneurs over the years! My RBBP kits are on sale now during my big holiday sale along with my other courses and products. Link in profile. #rightbrainbusinessplan #rbbiz #creativeentrepreneur #businessplan #businessplanning #jennleeittybittysketch

Day 28 #aedm2017 doodle: Apparently I’ve developed adult-onset asthma. I’ve been coughing walking uphill with Kaya. Just got an inhaler yesterday and thankfully it seemed to help! #gettingolder #jennleeittybittysketch

Day 27 #aedm2017 doodle: Appreciated getting the chance to catch up with the lovely @jenlouden yesterday. Thanks for a great chat, Jen! So helpful to have another 4 to relate to 😄. #jennleeittybittysketch

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