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On Monday, May 15th my dad Curtis Lee took his last breath in my mom’s arms with my brother Gregg and me by his side. My dad was diagnosed with Stage 4 lung cancer in March, received one immunotherapy treatment in April which unfortunately had some serious side effects, and he spent the last week and a half of his life at home in hospice. While he struggled a great deal during this final phase (going in and out of the hospital), we were so grateful that, in the end, he went peacefully and that we shared such a beautiful and profound moment that brought our family closer together.
My dad was a fighter having already endured a brain injury from a major fall in 2013, open heart surgery in 2015, and then the cancer diagnosis this year. He was 80 years old and lived a full life.
Despite being a man of few words, my dad was a devoted father and probably best expressed his love through his delicious cooking and baking (he became a professional chef after 30 years of being an engineer). His courage to follow his passions helped to inspire me to take the leap from my corporate career to pursue my own dreams of living a more creative and authentic life.
I’m so grateful that during his final days he and I developed a deeper understanding and connection that helped to make his remaining time more comfortable and meaningful. Those were some of the most touching moments of our relationship and I will treasure them always. Even in his passing he’ll continue to teach me about compassion and how important it is to listen deeply and create space for and give voice to the unspoken. He is missed dearly.

Saturday morning studio time with my pooch and ever-expanding painting #intuitivepainting #expressivearts #studiodog

Close up shot from today's time at the studio. #intuitivepainting #expressivearts

Getting hooked and letting go of thoughts in this morning's daily meditation practice. #dailymusingsjournal #meditation #doodle

The latest turn of events in my intuitive painting. I never know what symbols or images will emerge and when they do I don't attempt to analyze them (as that would take me out of the process). Rather, I simply allow myself to enjoy the pure creative expression from my inner muse. In what ways do you give yourself permission to create without editing, analyzing, or worrying about the end product? #creativeprocess #intuitivepainting #expressivearts #studiodog #selfcarefriday

Loved @nicolemiyuki's watercolor brush lettering class @handcraftstudioschool

Happy she's back home and feeling better! #snuggletime

Visiting Kaya at the vet. She had to stay overnight because of an upset tummy 🤢from eating too much dirt (she did catch a mole in our backyard though!). Hoping we get to bring her home tonight. 🤞🐕🏡

Thank you @lineacarta for another fabulous calligraphy class at @handcraftstudioschool.

Spread your wings and fly! Today marks the final day of my Mentorship Program that I've led since 2012. I'm celebrating all of our wonderful Cohorts and Stars and the inspiring accomplishments and learnings they're taking with them on their journeys. And I'm celebrating consciously making space for new offers to emerge that fit where my community and I are at now. But first I'll savor the pause cuz I need it! #selfcarefriday

Appreciating the beauty in the pause. It's been a challenging week for me personally so I'm thankful to find moments of simple joys like this in my studio. I'm also pausing to celebrate a heartwarming and inspiring graduation ceremony yesterday with my Shining Stars followed by a productive and empowering kickoff call with a new client. My self-care practices become even more important during tough or busy times so that I can stay grounded and present for myself, my loved ones, and the awesome people I serve. How do you stay grounded when life throws you curve balls?

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