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Sorry for being away from Instagram for a little while. I took a nice break from all technology as we've been travelling, and I've been busy with my practice and getting ready for tomorrow because we're moving house!! I snuck in a bit of editing time today in between packing and in the spirit of Canada day coming up and moving house, I wanted to showcase this beautiful place that I'm so lucky to call home 🇨🇦 #Canada #ExploreCanada #Canada150 #CanonCanada #CanGeo #TravelAlberta

How would you like to live in the middle of nowhere in Iceland for a while and wake up to sunrises like this?🙋🏼

When we come back to the present moment, we come back home to ourselves. Being present with yourself is the only place where you can find yourself. Some people think you need to travel to find yourself, but it's not so much about travelling as it is being present. When you travel, you break out of your routine. You get the opportunity for true solitude or for a breathtaking scenery to engulf you. If you walk down the same street every day to work or drive down the same roads, you will probably find yourself daydreaming and thinking about 20 different things. Maybe you worry about something that could happen in the future or think about something in the past. Get out of a plane in an exotic place you've never visited before though, maybe Egypt or India, and you will be present and observing everything you see. Soaking in everything you hear and smell. Observing and returning to yourself in the present moment.

One very simple Buddhist quote that I love says, "All beings tremble before violence. All love life. All fear death. See yourself in others. Then whom can you hurt? What harm can you do?” Please think about the choices you make and be open to understanding that consuming these beautiful animals as food is in no way essential, let alone beneficial for our health, but it is the source of most dis-ease and suffering on our planet. Some of the most important decisions we make have to do with the food we purchase and consume. If you ever want to learn more about raw veganism or veganism please reach out, I am always happy to answer any questions.

You are a creator; an artist, a sculptor, a director of your life. Our purpose is to create. To make a beautiful mess that will slowly grow and unfold before your eyes to reveal an incredible masterpiece. Resisting the urge to follow logic and to shed our years of conditioning, allowing yourself to surrender to your soul- your authentic self, will enable you to effortlessly tap into a stream of self expression and creativity that will lead you down a path that nourishes you in every way possible and satisfy what you've been longing for most.

Don't be fooled by the warm tones of this photo... it was freezing. Hope you all have an amazing weekend. Get outside, eat more fruit and live your dreams✌🏼
#Instagram #ItsAmazingOutThere
#liveoutdoors #artofvisuals #wonderful_places #earthpix #BPmag #optoutside #theglobalwanderer #discoverearth #getoutstayout #keepitwild #canon_photos #tentree #simplyadventure #visualsoflife #wildernessculture #wanderout #liveoutthere

One of my favourite shots from Iceland. As the sun dropped, the sky lit up and became a vivid coral and pink wash. It stayed stained pink for hours even after the suns light faded and stars started to speckle the sky.
#Instagram #ItsAmazingOutThere
#liveoutdoors #artofvisuals #wonderful_places #earthpix #BPmag #optoutside #theglobalwanderer #discoverearth #getoutstayout #keepitwild #canon_photos #tentree #simplyadventure #visualsoflife #wildernessculture #wanderout #liveoutthere

The best part of having memories is being able to share them with someone else. Thank you @chaseteron for creating and sharing all my favourite memories. Thank you for spending hours at the nursery picking out and deliberating seeds and plants with me, for spending way too much time at the grocery store in the produce aisle with me, for being silly with me and making me comfortable to let my inner child out, and for capturing this incredible moment we share✨ also happy full moon🌝

We are stars
wrapped in skin,
the light you are seeking
has always been within.

Self love is an ocean
and your heart is a vessel. Make it full,
and any excess will spill over
into the lives of the people
you hold dear. But you must come first.
Beau Taplin

This is one of my favourite places to photograph ever. The sun was setting and the wind was picking up and as I started to walk down the beach I realized I was absolutely frozen and I told myself I had a few minutes to get the shot I wanted. I ended up getting so lost in watching these beautiful blocks of glacial ice float in and out with the tide that I stayed on the beach for more than an hour and the feeling of being cold just faded away. I was so inspired to shoot because it was such a beautiful abstract piece of art to my eye already. Each time I set up what I thought was the perfect composition, a wave would come and sweep everything away and rearrange all the ice, constantly creating a new visual to work with but also destroying the one I planned - incredibly frustrating😓but also exciting because no two images could be the same and I never knew what would float into frame. I didn't get "the shot" I wanted and planned, but I got a lot more fluid and artistic shots that I love even more because they were natural and uncontrolled.

5 am wake up was worth it for a sunrise at Seljalandsfoss

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