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I'll sea you later 🐳 ;))

They reminded me of cotton ✨

Even after 11 years, she still somehow manages to deal w me 😋🌼

I can finally say that "I am 16 going on 17" 🙂🌻

Call me pretty and nasty 🖤💗

What are some good songs to listen to? I need some new music in my playlist 🌻

It's ironic bc I'm a summer baby but I prefer fall and winter more 🍁

Two posts bc why not 🐣

On another note, coffee dates are officially my favorite ☕


It's levels to it, you and I know 🌾

Baby girl, I have curves so that your man has more to hold 😛
But a heart to heart to all my ladies out there:
I am extremely conscious of my legs since they're not as small as other girl's. Personally, I felt a huge pressure to slim down to fit the typical "Asian-girl body"; but recently I've stopped comparing myself to others and actually started flaunting what my momma gave me. I am not perfect whatsoever, but I am unique in my own way, just as you are in yours. So start loving yourself a lil more and start hating yourself a lil less. Also remember ladies, the sexiest curve on your body is your smile so you do you bbg 💓

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