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To my sweet man:

My oh my where do I start. Today marks another month spent with you and I couldn't be happier. We've been seriously riding a rollercoaster and it constantly goes up and down, up and down..but I am so proud of us for being where we are now. I love you so much my sweetheart. Nine whole months of laughter, deep talks, hardships, and endless love have seriously shown me what it takes to be in an LDR.

We share a special connection that absolutely NO ONE can understand and it's so wonderful to see that I've been blessed with such a faithful man like you. I love you so much my handsome AR. Throughout the time of us being friends and leading up to this relationship, I never expected myself to be in one like this. We've shared accomplishments: like celebrating each other's graduation, career achievements, university, our other celebratory months, breaking ground with deepening our love, and so many things! We also shared worries and sorrows, happy moments with genuine serenity...and a bond that genuinely makes a half become a whole.

Having someone like you in my life is such a blessing and over time, you became my reason for many things. It was such a refreshing feeling getting to embrace who you are and embracing who we are. Although we have 1647 miles between us, that doesn't change how much we are here supporting and loving each other. Distance means nothing when someone means everything...and certainly, we've shared that thought countless times. I love you AR Christian Velicaria. I can't wait to see what's in store for our future hehe, once again, happy 9 months my one and only.❤️ With love,


I did that. 🎓 #harpergreyhounds


WhaATTT! Half a year already?? Dang, half a year has flown by SO fast already, and to think that December is one month closer makes me even more excited!! My sweetheart, happy 6 months, I love you so very much. I've said everything to you earlier today but I just can't seem to stop! Thank you for all of these laughs and memories so far darling.

Here's to those high and lows that we've battled and those moments where time seemed to pass slowly, and missing you was WAY too much for me to handle. Nevertheless, we've come to far and I am so proud to call you mine you're so sweet, handsome and loveable, and SO much more.

I love you my caring man, happy 6 months ❤️🥂

To my darling,

Today, we're celebrating another milestone and if I was asked to do it all over, I wouldn't change a thing. You're someone whom I've grown to cherish.

Throughout the endless smiles, tears, special moments, laughter, and jokes, each and every day has been-as you put it- a rollercoaster ride and it certainly is an adventure with you as each day is a mystery.

I love you so much my sweetheart. From your gentle eyes to your warm smile; from your bad jokes to your beautiful mind, I love every single part of you possible. You see the best in me at my worst and although I say it to you all the time, I'll say it again: I love you.

Happy 5 my sweet man ♡. -With love,
Your one and only.

The flavor of the latte is surprisingly refreshing...just like him :)

His ♡

Toi et moi.

When we met, I never knew that you'd be someone so important to me. Thank you for all the memories these past months and for the ones to come, my marvelous man.

You're someone I genuinely love with all my being and each and every day I fall more in love with how sweet, open-minded, kind, caring, dependable, loving, protective, ambitious and supportive you are. You help me change for the better and our individual strengths make up for individual flaws. I love you so much sweetheart, here's to the ones to come. 🥂♡

Bazzi- Mine

Fly me to the moon 🌙

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