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I finished my very last cancer treatment three days ago. Hallelujah! Very thankful it's over! I have what looks like a terrible sunburn on my chest that's super itchy. My esophagus is still swollen so swallowing is pretty painful. Both of these things are to be expected and will subside. Not a huge deal. What I wasn't expecting is this blue feeling I've had come over me today. I will be honest...I really want my hair back. I finished my treatments, I did what I had to do, I think I was a pretty good sport about the whole darn thing....But enough is enough....I want my hair back!!! I want it back RIGHT NOW!!! Ok, temper tantrum is over. I am only giving myself five more minutes to be this upset about it. Must move on. Must suck it up. I have my health back and that's what really matters! Hair grows back! These are some Polaroids I did for IMG before I got sick. They asked me for no makeup which made me so nervous that day but what I remember most was my hair whirling around in the wind and all I kept thinking was --they will never see my face for all this crazy hair blowing around! Funny memory! Remember these @fujiruiz 😆

There were many days during this nightmare where I repeated this to myself over and over again. ❤️ #cancer #hodgkinslymphoma #cancersupport #youcandoit

It is done. I have finished. No more treatments. I can live again. I am free. To anyone still fighting, Keep going! My heart is with you❤️ #cancer #cancersupport #hodgkinslymphoma #chemo #radiation #radiology #radiationtherapy #cancersucks #survival #treatment #itisdone

My mom took this of me. She drove me to NYC for this shoot because at the time I was just starting my chemotherapy treatments and she was worried about me driving myself or traveling alone. I was so happy to escape my reality that day and pretend I was a super hero! I love the escapism that modeling can sometimes provide. I needed it that day! I can't wait for my full return! I never stopped working throughout my illness...I took work throughout my entire treatment plan. When you love what you do it's never really work. Two more days of radiation and I'll be free as a bird--no more scheduling issues! I can focus fully on what makes me tick!

This is the face of a broken hearted person. I took this selfie the morning after finding out I had cancer. I stayed in these exact pajamas for the next 5 days. I did not bathe, I did not move from this spot in my bed or even speak much. I felt like my life was over. When I took this photo of myself I remember thinking I wanted to have it to remember where I've been-just in case I was ever happy and healthy again. I didn't think I would ever be able to complete the treatment plan ahead of me. I could not cope. I didn't call anyone to inform them because I was convinced it would be better for them not to be burdened with knowing. I debated keeping everything a secret and handling it privately. I wanted to fade away for six months and do it all alone. I was afraid that my health problems would inconvenience the comfort zone of people who cared about me. I knew once I told it would affect the way people thought of me and how they spoke to me. I wanted to hide. This photo does not come to you filtered, facetuned or touched up. This photo is real and it's representative of everything I felt in that moment. The best thing I ever did was step away from where I was in this picture. I'm thankful for my closest friend who shook me up, spoke some sense into me, and told me I must share my story in order to heal. I'm thankful for my kids who demanded I keep smiling and get up out of that bed. I'm thankful for the agents that told me they would support me and help me work through my professional obligations. I'm thankful my mother stood next to me and insisted I keep living with strength and purpose. We need other people. We have to reach out from dark places. No matter how far down we go we have to look up and take the lifelines around us. We are not meant to stay in our own pain for very long. If you are hurting I encourage you to only stay there for a short time...don't live in that place. Take a moment to catch your breath and then reach out. If you know someone who is hurting run to them. Do what you can to bring them back from the edge. I share this here because there's more to life than perfect Instagram pictures. Life ain't always perfect❤

When people say "you've changed so much" all I can think is no...not really. What I can tell you about #cancer is that you see things very differently from that moment on. Where I was weak, now I am strong. Where I was blind, now I am aware. Where I was quick to speak, now I am comfortable staying quiet. Where I gave love, now I love deeper. Where I was afraid, now I stand bravely. Where I was angry, now I forgive. Where I lost, now I win. Where I would have seen imperfections, now I see strength and beauty. And the list goes on & on. I would have never posted this picture a few months ago...I would have been embarrassed. Now I see things differently. I see a woman that's been through a lot and still has the strength to look in the mirror and see herself as beautiful. I feel proud of that today. I hope we all remember to take a moment to see things differently. I have 5 more days of radiation and as much as I'd like to see the next 5 days as a living hell I'll choose to see these days as my stairway to freedom. I will choose to see it differently from how it feels. Love you guys. Keep me in your thoughts and prayers as I complete my treatment one step at a time❤️ #hodgkinslymphoma #cancer #cancersucks #radiation #radiationtherapy #bloodcancer #change #bald #hairloss #chemohair #chemo #chemotherapy #mirror #selfie #seethingsdifferently

Just found this on @simplicity_creative_group website! When was the last time you went to work and got to be Bat Woman?!?! #diy #pattern #costume #batman #batwoman #batgirl #rockabilly #halloween #simplicity #simplicitypatterns #sewing #sewin #model #msamodels #fun #modellife

❄️❄️❄️It's Winter in July today at The Philadelphia Zoo so we had to come❄️❄️ #philadelphiazoo #winterinjuly

Totally! My mama leaves this evening after spending five months living in my home, taking me to every surgery, every doctor appointment, every treatment. She has held all of us together by driving my children to school and activities, cooking breakfast, lunch, and dinner, doing the laundry ....this woman did everything! My mom has waken up with me on many occasions at 2,3,4 am and hugged me and helped put me back together during and after panic attacks that came most often in my sleep...My mama has cared for me the way most adult children only imagine having to care for their sick parents one day. The roles got reversed! She kept track of all my medication and had detailed schedules written out...truly amazing! My mama has put everything aside for me...her social life, her beloved dog, her own healthcare, her sanity, her routine, her church life, her sense of normal....everything! She never cried in front of me....not even once! She deserves to go home today and regain some of her peace and normalcy. Thank you mama for doing all this for me and my family. #hodgkinslymphoma Hit our family like a freight train and you came here and put it all back together! You are so loyal and helpful and loving and selfless... and so incredibly funny to boot! You made me laugh as much as a person could under the circumstances! Thank you from the bottom of my heart! @himemiller #momlife #mom #mommyandme #mama #cancer #cancersucks #cancerwarrior #thankyou #thankful #thankgod #love #thebest

Quick we go...I start 17 days of radiation therapy tomorrow. I've had two appointments to prepare. During the 2 preparation appointments they marked my upper body with 6 tiny purple dot size tattoos and made a mesh mask that fits over my face. I am claustrophobic so the mask making wasn't too bad... but the actual locking into place of the mask once it was ready to go was absolutely terrible. Being held down or locked into place by your face is a very scary feeling! It took me two tries and the eyes being cut out of the mask before I could lay there for twenty minutes worth of pictures. You can see how tight the mesh face mask fits by the marks it left on my face. The sharpie outline you see on my chest is where the treatment will be targeted--that's exactly where the cancer existed. I have to lay very still for the treatments and the process only takes about five minutes each day for 17 days. So wish me the best and keep me in your prayers for the next 17 days. I appreciate all of you! ♥️❤️♥️❤️#hodgkinslymphoma #radiation #radiationtherapy #cancer #cancersucks #cancersupport #almostdone

All in a days work with Mr. James Bosco! #glam #funonset @josephboggess2197 makeup 💄

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