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Jennifer Wright  ✨Blessed Mama and Wife Jesus Obsessed Fitness-Health Coach-Nutrition Junkie Lover of all things Southern

It’s a pot of soup kind of day

A giant to so many of us. No doubt hearing “Well done good and faithful servant” as he walked home. #rip #billygraham #americaspastor


I’m not one to change bibles (like ever) but I’ve felt a pull to journaling bibles for years. I’m a writer, a note taker, a tab girl, underliner, highlighter, and have filled at least 100 journals. When I do studies, hear sermons, podcasts, or circle back around to certain scriptures time and time again, I love to be able to record the correlations right there. Todd and the kids gave me this one for Christmas and it’s to die for AND I’m LOVING the process. @jordanleedooley taught me the art of bible journaling and scripture study and I’m loving how the process makes the word come alive each morning. I’ll link to it in comments and to Jordan’s method! #bibestudy #biblejournaling #wordgirl #scripturestudy #bibleinspiration #biblegram #morningroutine #sundays #butfirstjesus

I told Mom she was a little hottie 😂. One of my favorite finds from this weekend.....
#momanddad #dallascowboys #eightiesbaby #maybeseventies

It was 1995 all over again. 💙 We haven’t been in that gym since our own pep rally days so it was super fun taking the kids to see the campus! #samecolors #samefightsong #cavemenwasnew 😉 Of course the highlight was watching Blair do her thing...She’s SO fun to watch! I only attended Carlsbad for a few years myself but they were full and some of my best memories. The campus is truly one of a kind. ALL their grandparents are Alumni and the stories run thick so these kiddos have had an earful today! Loved every minute. #knewonecoach #weold #cbad #caveman

I’ve had 2 more sweet friends join me this month and almost 100, so far, have joined our tribe (best team ever) in January and I’m beyond excited to help coach them and witness them, making REAL impactful change. Join us!! It's been almost 5 years since I saw the light. 🤚🏻 People always ask me....Why are you SO passionate about plexus after all of this time? If you saw the #hope restored, saw the huge changes in your friends and family, knew a better way, believed all the years of struggle were for a purpose #godwink you would keep sharing too. It’s really that simple.... feeling bad, #tired, stuck, #achy, #blah, out of control, #anxious,hopeless ... doesnt have to be your NORMAL. .
☀️ Because I know that 70% of my body's ability to fight off #diseases and #illnesses lies in my #gut! #immunesystem #fluseason
☀️ Because 80% of #seratonin is produced in the #gut and over 1 in 5 Americans struggle with #mentalillness. .
☀️ Because 80% of #melatonin is produced in the gut and 40 million people struggle with #sleep problems. .
☀️ Because #bloodsugar imbalances and poor #guthealth are the root issues behind the vast majority of health problems we deal with as Americans! Trust me in this one .
☀️ Because being #inflamed makes you feel miserable and causes other serious health issues! .
☀️ Because I know how important #supplements are and I want the best ones with only #PURE ingredients!
☀️ Because my life has COMPLETELY changed and has #impacted the people I LOVE most. In addition, I see and hear stories of people's lives being changed every day. Such a blessing helping others!!
☀️ Because without health, you don't have much else.
#wellness #healthandwellness #healthybody #healthylife #gethealthy #joinme #investinyourself

GHS Athletic Banquet! Love seeing all our kiddos being celebrated and rewarded for their passion and serious hard work! TPW was the running theme in every story tonight. 💙 @02syd

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