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Look what just arrived on my
d👀rstep from Corporate! How FUN is this!!! #kidschewablevitamins #SharonCKretz #PlexusTopSecret #happyfriday #somethingnewisabrewing 👀🕵🏼‍♀️👩🏼‍🔬💃🏼🌱🔎

Since it’s 90 degrees in Texas .... might as well go back to #maui #falsestartonfall @02syd

Such a great reminder. I’ve seen loneliness take its toll on many... especially the younger generation. He created us for community and to serve our neighbor and no matter what we think is “better for us” we don’t thrive until we live by his principals. We are all here to walk each other home and love heals... every time. #wellness #loveheals #servantheart #handsfree #lookupchild

This was my third time to see Bob Heilig live and man.... he brought down the house in Maui! He speaks from the heart, preaches servant leadership, and always stresses the impact we can have when we build a business with a Legacy focus! #myjam #legacyleadershipacademy #bobheilig #goodteaching #leaderscreateleaders #maui🌺 #personalgrowth❤️

🌺 Every time you run from a fear, it kills your spirit
🌺Every single thing you have done in your life has led you to this place where you are right now.
🌺Purpose is an emotion that you cultivate inside yourself that you give away in the service of others 🌺Fulfillment is the key to long term success
🌺Your greatest fears are a sign to lead you to your path and your purpose
🌺The antidote to fear is service
🌺You can’t give to others what you haven’t given to yourself
I could go on and on with how many good nuggets and training we soaked in this week. One thing I know for sure is I’m aligned with a company with more heart, soul, and culture then anyone could imagine. I have a team I not only adore, but am honored to personally grow alongside and live out these principles with. Love doing life, work and yes, amazing vacations, with people I treasure! 🌺
#purposefulliving #ironsharpensiron #legacyleadership #maui🌴

Stroll after dinner!

Todd and I stumbled on this cutie this morn. walking the beach! #loveherheartforJesus #mauisunrise #aloha🌴 #instatravelgram #plexusee2018

There is nothing like a Maui Sunset! #alohasunset #maui🌴 #wemadeit @02syd @trevor_wright_22

Game Day finally came for these boys and they didn’t disappoint! Nice “W” over Pilot Point! #standsforwettoo TW even had a little 60 yd TD. Boys played hard! Proud of them! 💙👊🏻🏈 #blue22 #saturdayfootball

Summit rings are here 💍 and they threw Summit Ring Ceremony today at the gym to celebrate this amazing team! ♥️💙 I loved hearing that this team pulled out one of the highest scoring performances in the gyms history! 💪🏻. Amazing athletes with some serious grit and love for cheerleading! Still so thankful Syd was able to cheer for Ryan and Texas Elite and for all the memories and laughs! #summitchamps #putaringonit

Grabbing a little date day lunch and celebrating number 21 with this one! ❤️

My people! ❤️ Happy Birthday @traciprochaska!!!

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