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Jennifer Steen / Fitness Coach  Lose fat, tone up, while eating the foods you ♥️ . Trainer & Coach Weight-loss BodySpecialist 💍 @get_ampd . Ready to build & tone up your backside⬇️

Tone up the backside and burn fat with this 🍑 HIIT/ Plyometric Booty Tone Up Workout
1️⃣ Bosu Ball side to sides 3x30
2️⃣ Bulgarian Split squats with a hop 3x20 each leg
3️⃣ Jump Squats weighted 3x30
4️⃣ 1 sprint 30 seconds 6-10% incline -
Repeat circuit 3 x 💪🏼💗
Can anyone answer me why these videos post blurry when taken with iPhone? So strange, does anyone else have this problem? Help me fix! 🙏🏼

#Workout #BootyTone #Fatburn

Goodmorning Gram 🌴 I just wanted to share something personal. I’m in a super growth phase in my life. I realized about a month ago that I was self sabotaging, that I was internally unfulfilled and that I needed to make a change. - -
I get so caught up in my day to day life that sometimes I can’t be self aware of what’s going on. It finally hit me. I’m so grateful it did. I now am really working hard on self development and expanding my knowledge. I have started a new ritual for waking up. I start my morning with a motivation book or play something on YouTube. I journal what I am grateful for and what I would like to accomplish in that day. I take time to wake up and not be on my phone or answer emails. -

I’m looking forward to this new beginning and know this is part of life, being self aware is the greatest tool you can have. It helps to realign you to your true path and tune out the noise from the world. -

I aspire to do something so great one day, that sometimes I get really down on myself when I feel like I’m living mundane and mediocre life. -

I found that if you are unsure of your path or you see yourself feeling off and overwhelmed to change some of your habits and rituals during your day. This has really helped me start the day with a more positive outlook and has made me feel empowered throughout the day.
#Hawaii #Thoughts #Mylife

Dinner with a Sunset 🌅 -
Our first trip in a longggg time together. Hitting two islands in Hawaii. We are soooo looking forward to having no where to be for the next 7 days. -
What are your favorite things to do in Hawaii? Give us some ideas? 🌴

The way to overcome your fears & insecurities is to drown them out with your insane fierceness. ✨💪🏼
You will never be able to totally cut out all your insecurities or fears, but becoming aware of them helps you from letting them break you down, from the path you were meant for.
Know them, laugh about them, let them bother you for a minute, then continue to push forward because you want a better life and to fulfill your dreams. ✨🙌🏻 -
#Gettinit #Knowthyself #OvercomeFear

Happy Tuesday - 2 Days until Hawaii 🌴☀️ So excited to get away!! I’m looking forward to a nice drink on the beach 💁🏼‍♀️

Much needed time to spend with my husband. Our lives go so fast that sometimes I don’t feel like we see each other all week. -
Looking forward to going on some great hikes, have some time to read, relax and rejuvenate. -

On another note, my bod may not be exactly where I want it, but I am grateful that I have learned to accept myself and own my bod. -

Before I was obsessed with diet and this fitness perfection lifestyle. I’m sooo over that and my focus is and has been for last 2 years longevity and feeling good. ✌🏼✨ .

#Balance #Selflove #Vacation

Two things that define you : Your patience when you have nothing and your attitude when you have everything. ✨✌🏼 -
Being at the bottom you’re always thinking how can I get to the top, I want to do better than I’m doing, I want to feel better than how I feel, is all this work I’m doing for nothing?!! -
I asked myself these questions all the time. Let me tell you, the struggle is where the magic happens, it’s what preps you to become what you are meant to be. Without it you lose sight of the small things, you have certain entitlement attitudes and ego trips. -
Just know through the struggle you become beautiful. Enjoy it, love it, become it. Get lost in finding who you are through the process. ✨✌🏼

It’s a good day to be alive 💗 Good Morning instagram 😝 I am about to shoot some looks for my website. Long overdue, but sometimes you just have to ride out the wave of being in a funk. I’m feeling more energetic than usual this am. Hope everyone has an amazing Saturday! I will be posting booty workouts on my story today! So make sure you guys check them out and send me a DM with anything you guys would like to see. Xxoo 💗🙏🏼
#BossBabesAthletics #BootyBuilding #HealthyHappyLife #Bestself

Full Booty workout today with my client @nursemary25 -
🍑Curtesy on Smith machine 3x12-15 each side (Superset)
🍑 Barbell Hip Thrust 3x15-20
🍑 Donkey Kicks in Smith machine 3x12 each side (Superset)
🍑 Romanian Deadlifts 3x12-15
🍑 Sumo Deadlift (circuit) 3x12
🍑Defecit squats 3x15
🍑Seated Hamstring Curls
#60daystoabetterbooty #Bootygains

Happy Monday!! Starting my week off strong 💪🏼 Set some little goals eating on time, getting in 5 lifts and 5 days of cardio, while trying to really focus on personal growth. Excited to Launch my Booty Building Program! If your interested send me a DM. I will be posting some before and afters of bootys on My story and some on my website. #bossbabesathletics #60daystoabetterbooty

I’m on a search, to live the happiest most fulfilled life. It involves me only being around empowering people, being in the sun and reading lots of books. For some reason past few months I’ve definitely isolated myself a lot. I let work and routine get in the way of me experiencing life and all it has to offer. I’m literally in the process of learning how to live again. Beach, reading adventures, deep conversations and being honest even when I don’t want to be. #LivemyBestLife #LevelUp #Happiness

Want to grow your upper butt? 🍑 Hip Extension - is key in building your glute max. One of my favorites is DONKEY KICKS on Smith machine 3x15-12-10 increase weight each set. Super set this exercise with Banded hip thrust. -
#BootyWerk #Legday #Bossbabesathletics

Happy Monday from me and Jo Jo💗 Just announced the winner of my 12 weeks Summer Program on my IG story!! Hope everyone has a kick ass day💪🏼💕 #Monday #BabyJoe #bossbabesathletics

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