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Booty blasting workout🍑✨ ✨
If it don’t shake its fake!!
Squat jumps 4x30
Leg extensions 4x20
Fire Hydrants 4x20
#BootyWork #Outdoorworkout #Fitness #Lifestyle #Workout #BossBabesAthletics

Friday ✨

Find someone who just lets you be you. ✨

Make someone feel special ✨
Spoiling B-Day Dinner by my long time friend @kristina_la
Chatting about what we’re going to do this year to make a difference. Life is short and we spend to much time worrying about the things that don’t matter.
#Yolo #StandUp #Livelife

Birthday Workout🎂 Thanks to my coach @get_ampd 🍑 #BunsofSteen Favs 💕 #BossBabesAthletics #GymShark #GymSharkwomen

This is 29✨🎉
Happy, Healthy, and looking forward to the future.
I saw these two babies with their mother at the airport yesterday. She was struggling to hold her crying baby. They all had shoes on with no laces, clothes that didn’t fit and my heart just broke, knowing she has no one to help her here in this moment- while the TSA made her wait to the side. I wanted to just help her, I’m humbled in the fact that I’m always worrying and striving to achieve and be successful, not even realizing that it is a damn gift everyday to have the opportunities I have. In that moment I was like dang I have to do something to help these moms!! That is one of my goals for 29, to make a difference.
#Standup #Kindness #BirthdayGoals

Happy Thursday!! I would like to introduce Baby Jordan💕 Leaving for my bday weekend in 2 hours, so excited to go somewhere different!! Can anyone guess where I am going?

Monday What’s up💪🏼 -
It’s my Birthday week🎂🎉
Comment if you’re an Aquarius baby 💕🎂 #BirthdayWeek #LoveLife

Thursday Vibes ✨
If you could live your dream life what would it look like? -
Striving to get there, and my biggest tip for anyone who feels lost or doesn’t like where they’re at, is to make a plan, write your goals and start paying attention to the things that will get you there. Let go of the negativity and people holding you back from being your truest self. #BossBabesAthletics #Dream

Did you know 95% of people by the 15th of January have already broken their New Years Resolutions!! Why? Because it’s easy to say screw it, until you make the commitment and it becomes a must for you in your life, you will not follow through like planned!! -
What’s in your grocery CART?
Avocado & Coconut Oil
Asparagus, Lettuce, Celery & Cucumber
Things I’m missing, Sprouted grain Ezekiel muffins, whole eggs & proteins (Chicken, Steak, Salmon)
#HolisticHealth #EatToLIVE
#WomenHealth #Antiaging

What’s the number one question I am asked by females? How do I stop stomach bloating and keep my midsection tight? -
1. Start drinking your greens! Cucumbers/Celery and other veggies are natural dietetics that help your body flush extra water.
2. Take probiotics!!! Everything starts from your gut so if you are experiencing bloating issues, it’s because there is an imbalance or you have a food allergy. It could be something more serious that you need to pay attention too!
3. Drink more water, water will help the body release water that is being retained. -
4. Pay attention to the foods that irritate you. After having dairy or a certain food you know upsets your stomach. Learn to avoid it.
5. Dandelion tea is a great way to shed some extra water you may be holding on to! Try it I’m a big believer in it.
#GutHealth #Bloating #Holistic #BossBabesAthletics

It’s Friday and I smashed my goals this week💪🏼
I trained with two different trainers and hit 3 different leg workouts. I did a 1000 rep leg day, isolated glute and Hamstring day and a workout focused on isometrics and tempo. -
I am wrecked for the week, but it was all worth it! Chasing my goals and I will not stop until I get where I want to be. Feeling blessed and grateful to be healthy and strong. 💪🏼🍑❤️
#BootyGoals #BulgarianSplitSquat

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