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One day you’ll get it right with the only one who wants to get it right with just you. - @r.h.sin
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I believe, we are spiritual beings having a human experience.
The decision to remove my implants was as fast as the information I found out regarding Breast Implant Illness.
Some messages have come in saying how personal this is, and almost shocked that I’m even sharing the decision. For me, I feel great happiness and pleasure sharing increments of my personal life in the hopes that it will help and inspire others in one way, shape or form.
Since I use Instagram as an extension of my blog, I wanted to get the “party” started on here and move a more in-depth post to my blog.
I had no idea of the complications, toxicity and health issues regarding implants- both saline and silicone. It’s been an eye opening experience these last couple of weeks speaking with other womyn who have explanted and hearing their stories and experiences.
This is a huge, huge decision that feels so right for me and there should not be shame, embarrassment or hostility around it. We weren’t even born with these plastic balls in our chests, why should I feel embarrassed to share I’m removing them? Why should anyone ?! I’ve already chosen my doctor and am waiting for the call back to book my appointment. Details to follow 💕
For those interested in learning more please see @breast_implant_illness @angrykittenproductions @edensassoon

With the boys on vaca(I miss them so much it’s crazy), I’ve been trying my best to take advantage of some down time and relax. Since the big move, my bloating has been acting up so I started another round of my @teamiblends 30 day detox to help with that! I take this tea with me everywhere so I don’t have to worry about that after-lunch bloat in a bikini and it keeps me going all day without the need for coffee too 🙌🏼 All my vegan friends, you’ll love it! Teami also just came out with these new baby pink tumblers which I LOVE! Try the detox out for summer, you will love it! Use code STANO25 for 25% off yours! #thankyouteami #veganfinds

Finding that place where you can exhale, is just as important as finding that place where you can breathe. .
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I loved this day 💫💕💫 @danielletortorello
Amazing tunic by @warriorsofthedivine

Our @wowmomsworld family is expanding everyday. We are so grateful and excited to announce our newest location set to open early 2019, AUSTIN TEXAS!!! We truly have been so blessed with the people who have joined our Wow Moms World community. We are equally as excited about our first USA location opening in Mineola NY in October of this year!!!Congrats again to our Austin Franchisees and welcome to the family.

Cute cactus bag from @sunnylifeaustralia
CBD @thoughtcl0ud
And to clarify- your Lunar cycle is your monthly period 💕
Use code STANO.
For those who have purchased already, drop a comment and let me know how you feel and how you’re liking your CBD!!!!!

Yes! I brought my coco jack to the beach to open my fresh 🥥!!!! 👌🏽 @danielletortorello 💕🌈
Too by @somerfieldswim
Shorts by @frame
Crystal necklace by @jessicameaddesigns
Thanks for the ultimate photo bomb @stevestan0

Motherhood is amazing. Our womynly bodies can do the most incredible things besides the obvious which is create life. For those who have followed me for a while, prior to having my boys, I was a skinny 115lb, 5’6” girl who worked out to maintain muscle and create some shape. Growing up, I was super self conscious of my body and how skinny I was and drank weight gainer to try to gain weight and wore sweat pants under my jeans to make them tighter. When I became pregnant my hormones freaked out. I craved carbs and although I ate very healthy, I ate a lot. I wasn’t one of the girls who gained 20lbs and was back in their pre-baby clothing in a week. No! I gained 70+ lbs and almost reached 200lbs. It was a struggle not only physically but emotionally and mentally. I didn’t recognize the person I was. I had never had an issue with weight and it took a toll on a lot of things in my life.
@wowmade came into my life at the perfect moment. Since the moment I became pregnant I changed my entire life. I ate only organic and paid attention of all of the ingredients not only in the food I ate but what I used on my body and face as well. That’s why I decided to partner with Nicole on Wow Moms and spread the word. Our protein is what helped kick start my weight loss and help me gain my confidence back. I used our protein as a meal replacement, drinking it 2-3 x a day and adding all kinds of super foods. It’s honestly the cleanest, best tasting protein out there. (We are working on bringing back our vegan protein ). I coupled the protein with the am/pm cleanse which helped detox my body once I was done nursing.
Our protein is so clean that it’s breastfeeding AND pregnancy safe.
With dedication and self love you’ll always reach your goal.
Now through Sunday @wowmade is having a sale of up to 30% Off our entire site.
Cinnabon was my go-to for the protein. Since going Vegan I don’t drink our protein since it’s made out of Whey, but for those who aren’t vegan- I highly recommend it !!! #wowmoms #wowmade #2kids #transformation

Happy birthday to our very own Boss Baby Azalia!!!
Here at @wowmomsworld , you can host your own beautifully themed birthday party. Our birthday packages always include healthy food options, arts and craft projects, private classes in the gym of the child’s choice ( gymnastic , dance or martial arts ) animation and free play topped with a spectacular cake like the one you see here in the video!!! For franchise information please visit

Happy 4th! Ekkk!! @teamiblends is having a BOGO FREE sale on their 30 day detox! You all know how much I love @teamiblends and how it’s helped me in my health and weight loss journey over the years! Their 30 day detox program is the only FDA approved on the market AND it's vegan! I drink my teami skinny every morning to help fight bloating and keep my tummy flat, especially on holidays like today when I know I'm going to over indulge a little ... and, I'll sneak in the colon cleanse to aid in getting all the toxins out later! You have to try it, it's the perfect time and they never do sales this big!!! Use code JENBOGO on their site #thankyouteami #independencedaysale #goodrising
Pj’s by Free People

Happy 4th 🇺🇸 Photo by @loridormanphotography

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