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😁😁😂playing with my face cupping ,i Going to bed soon. This time I didn't act cute but I act ugly only. Good night all out there.

Birthday face... Get some drink

I feeling tired... Also boring on this moment. After working on the way home.

Good morning Happy mother day.

I so busy bath the Ginger from dirty and clean.
Today I going cooking pork leg with Chinese vinegar. Actually I special cook for my daughter but due to some issue now I cook for single mummy and colleagues office.

The moment.....I feeling happy the day is over of working.

Good evening..... My Facebook is about my self, so I have the right to put anything I like. Its all about me... When Im happy, sad or crazy.. Now Im learning something new even about my children.... If u think being a mother is easy? Think again !!
All the mothers in this world are always busy to take care the family especially the children. I call this is woman nature. Like me, being a working mother, wakes up in the morning, first that comes to my mind is my son.I still need to cook before leaving for work. I only have one DAY OFF but as a mother I totally don't have any off day. Im still working at home doing house cleaning, marketing and I even can label myself like maid. Mothers always need to sacrifice they time and money to support the children.
Everyone loves money...I love money is not for my self but is for my son. I just want to make sure he will never feel hungry.
Sometimes I don't blame woman who even have to sell their body for man... They need the money to support theirchildren. Living standard in Singapore is very high... Everything is expensive! As a mother, i always hope can give the best for my son.
From today onwards, I will not care about u anymore, u will be a mother soon too. U will understand my pain, my tiredness and my sacrificeds. Not an easy job taking care of a new born baby. I will forgive u but u must remember this, I will never forget what u have said or do to me..

The moment we all sick wish there is someone will care of us. I have one special person who always care for me.... Is my lord in the heaven. Amen

The moment I feeling mad

This little so cute and sweet.

Last night homeless program.... This is my first time visit old people,even I saw makcik sleeping out side near the coffee shop waiting for children coming back from working. I don't understand why let old woman sleep out side? My heart feeling very sad the moment I saw old the people sleep under the HDB or at the park. Old people they need is the caring from family and the love lord bless the homeless people safe and health. Amen

The Gathering on Sunday, with lovely aunties and my nieces .happy Sunday we have

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