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Jennifer McGuire  christian, mom, mum, wife, crafty cardmaking girl and baseball fan... doing my best to share kindness.

Finally finishing this at today's game. (Video soon.) In other news you should have seen me try to get two pairs of leggings on this morning. Foxy was even laughing. #coldcoldcold

For all those other moms out there who have bundled up and sat in the cold to watch their kids play sports. I raise my glass (that I wish I had) to you. #toocold #iwantmybedorcraftroom #loveourkiddos

Sorry for the oversharing but my goodness! My heart! These two are so much alike and happy girls. Proud of them. #theytakeafterdaddy

Oh my heart! 😍

Oh my heart! Exploding! ❀ Lila is with Audrey for her college's Lil Sibs Weekend. This shot from her dorm room melts me. Colin and I had to stay behind due to baseball. But Lila will have such fun. Magical!

Been chatting today with an old friend (wait - she isn't old, I just mean we have been friends for awhile)... helping her get started with cardmaking videos and such and it reminded me of this quote. My friend @starofmay is always so helpful to me, as is @simonsaysstamp and @ipsocreative and many many more. Love the support we all give each other. This isn't a competition. Nothing is. The pie is big enough for all of us! In every aspect of life. Let's start lots of candles and keep them going! πŸ™ŒπŸ»πŸ™ŒπŸ»πŸ™ŒπŸ» (Please know that I have my struggles. More than what I can count. But thankfully comparison and competition isn't one of them. Now people-pleasing? That is a different story... lol.) Image from @jennakutcher

Yay! Two of my favorite people have teamed up - @czdesign and @simonsaysstamp ! Makes my heart happy. As does this stamp set! (It is now available over at sss. Link in profile.)

This is what happens when a mom goes to a baseball game. Gotta multi-task! Stitching, baseball, family... i am in heaven!!!

Colin got a signed ball from our favorite player @mlorenzen21 and Lila got a hug from Rosie so all is right in the world. ❀ @reds #instareds

YAY! First @reds of the season! So happy to be back home in the stadium. πŸ™ŒπŸ» #instareds

Someone got herself ready for the @reds game. #its80degrees

Tip: When organizing, make sure you leave room for growth. Because - after all - you know you will be getting more. πŸ˜‚ Lila helped me get these reorganized a few weeks ago and it makes me happy. 🌈 (Link to storage in profile.)

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