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Jennifer Lourie Photography  My family lives outside of Denver in NE, my heart was stolen by Chicago, and I grew up in CA Easily wooed by anything Disney and dinosaurs 📍Everywhere

It may not be spring, but these spring colors are perfection.

Venue : @serendipity_weddings
Floral Design : Martha Scott Florals

Always kiss me goodnight.
Venue : @serendipity_weddings
MUAH : @thebridalbeautypros

"The first snow is like the first love. Do you remember your first snow?" — Lara Biyuts

If I had enough characters on IG, snow would be next to Disney, and dinosaurs.

It snowed on my head today, and I was just a little bit excited.

One ring to bind them.

Venue : @quailranchevents
Coordinator : @palmandpineevents
Floral Design : @pavanfloral
Ring Dish : @marbelladish
Name Cards : @domusvim

Winter is Coming.

Obviously everywhere but in California, but it just snowed in Denver- so it’s definitely coming.

I want a wedding more beautiful than my dress.
Dress : @maggiesotterodesigns

Guess where I am tomorrow?

I am absolutely enamored with these golden centerpieces filled with beautiful flowers!
Venue : @calamigosranch
Coordinator : @3littlebirdseventplanning
Floral Design : @clementinefloralworks

Hiiiiii! I’m Jennifer and the awesome business owner of this account, and since my last #fridayintroductions was 2 and a half years ago; I thought it was due time for another!
I have four different places than I call home; which includes four different states! & my family owns a cattle ranch in one of those homes, so if you follow along with my adventures, theres a very high chance you’re going to see a cow sooner or later.

I would live at Disneyland if that didn’t require me to sell my first born, and all proceeding other borns to afford it. I’ve been there enough to say with confidence that we’ve gone there just for the food a few times.

Dinosaurs are my jam. I can quote Jurassic Park, (ahem, all of them, even the less great ones) and I do on a regular basis. And I finally just got my dream tattoo of a Compsognathus. His name is Gerald.

Thanks everyone for following along, and I can’t wait to share all of my beautiful couples, and adventures to come! 📷 @bmeharrison

My travel bug is itching to go explore somewhere beautiful. Every year I try and go somewhere international, and I’m so stoked to be going to Bali next year! They may not have this amazing castle like Germany, but I’m pretty sure I’m going to make friends with a monkey.

“When I look at you, I feel like I'm looking at the other half of myself.” Venue : @quailranchevents
Coordinator : @palmandpineevents
MUAH : @megoharebeauty
Floral Design : @pavanfloral
Dress : @ariadress
Shoes : @badgleymischka
Suit : @hallmadden
Beautiful Bride : @emnehrenz


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