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Wishing I could spend considerable time knitting and watching podcasts today because I just really need to finish the toe on that second sock, but it's party day at the Kershner's! I may be in complete denial about how much I need to get accomplished before the house is invaded by 16 year old girls.

Love is: whisking your friend away for the best breakfast of all time, shopping and some soul lifting girl time. Thanks, Sarah! @sarah_arkanoff

This day is just what I needed.

Just beginning to pull myself out of the grief the tiniest bit, but like my Maddie says, she deserves to be grieved hard. Thank you for each comment, message, text, email, flower, humane society donation, prayer and kind thought sent our way. It was all so appreciated and there was comfort in knowing so many of you understood and have been through it and also comfort in knowing how special she was to other people as well.

I had no idea when I posted that picture yesterday that we would lose our girl today. She was fine yesterday and now she's gone and we are heartbroken and I personally am lost without her. How will I go to sleep without her next to me? She has been my constant companion for 11 years. School runs, walks through the Village, greeting the UPS man and waiting for her treat, vacations, pharmacy and Starbucks visits where she always knew she'd get something, helping me do yoga in the studio, trick or treating, Christmas tree farms, fetching her yellow ball, eating all of our veggies out of the garden and every single moment in between. She was always by my side, so faithful and just wanting to show you how much she loved you. Usually by leaning against you or sitting in your lap if you sat on the floor or resting her big beautiful head on you. No one who met her could resist her. Even people we know who aren't dog lovers were head over heels for her. I don't know what I will do without her but I know that she blessed me with her presence and that she taught me so much about love and I will never forget her. She left this world with her people surrounding her, a cheeseburger in her belly and knowing without a doubt how loved she was. We will belong to you forever, Milliebear.

ALWAYS wants to make the school run and always pouts until her girl comes out.

Patiently waiting for my tea to be ready, enjoying the sun streaming in the windows and feeling more energetic this morning than I have in weeks. A lot to be thankful for today.

I am absolutely in love with this wrap I'm working on. It will be perfect for sitting on the porch this spring, you know, in case spring decides to show up.

A. You know it's going to be a good day when it starts with a chai latte delivered to you in bed. B. This is further proof I married the right man. ❤

Monthly Couples Dinner prep. Fresh whipped cream, of course. The question ganache or not to ganache?

The Vacation Cottage is ready for you @sewnwithgrace! It's looking all fresh in its springtime glory to balance out the snow we will get while you're here!

And to wrap up this day, I finally blogged. I can't believe it has been a month. Where are the days going?

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