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back again <3  probably watching stranger things :)

issa preview!! can anyone guess what this vid is? 😂❤️

guys i’m back! leaving this acc was a hard desicion to make and taking it back was even harder but hey here i am, i’ve missed all of u soo much 💕
here’s a quick summer throwback to start off with 🌞

stunt clip <3 but just to inform yall i wont be so active now since i litterally can’t film any videos right now, they all turn out really crappy, i need to film inside bc the weather is either dark or rainy. i have one unposted video but just one so it wont be enough for the whole winter so yeah i thought u just should know :) i will post clips and montages and i’ll try my best to post full videos, atleast 1 or 2 every week. 💛

get air <3
@nadiaflips app 💛
@innamarja filmed 💛
oh and sorry for easy skills my ankle started hurting rly bad

i don’t usually do previews but ohwell:)

can’t wait for summer and grass tumbling 😩
i’m going to spain for a week in a little more than a month sooo i’ll film a lot there :)❤️

sarahah link in bio 🤠

this is rly crappy but it’s from summer so 😂 maybe posting a full video today idk tho 🤷🏼‍♀️

expectations vs reality 🤠
ib; @sorjatumbles and everyone else who did this 😂❤️

sorry for this but it’s important so 🤷🏼‍♀️ @brriannatumbles has been diagnosed with a brain tumor and probably doesn’t have that long anymore. that’s why i want you all to use the hashtag #supportbrii and the emoji 🦋. i really hope u get better brii, we’re all with u 💙

i look like a worm in the last clip :) this is filmed by my sister and i’m probably filming a video similar to this tmr ✨

i wanna see how much i’ll really improve this year - comment skills down below what u think i will learn this year (i’ll write them down and put in a jar), and on january 1st 2019 i’ll open the jar and see what skills i got and didn’t get 😁💛 idea creds to ronja @gymnast_ronja 😂💛

black borders ew
re-edit of a vid i rly like :) #dmpromos #summer 💛
btw happy new year 2018! <3

sorry for no post in ages i’m posting twice today :)❤️ i hate my stepouts in this i couldn’t do stepouts in summer

my form sucks smh but just wanted to let u know that i’m posting something tonight :)

going here todayyy, suggest skills to try

i failed lmao no #invisibleboxchallenge
my back is hurt rn so i need to rest it but i’m going to skillz gym since it’s christmas break now and i’m trying to film outside too 💛✨

happy birthday best friend <3 @alinalumiaa

instagram decided to ruin the quality
stunt clip, making a stunging montage rn (i’m the backspot) 💙

this is in finnish sorryyy -
suomalaiset! niinku kaikki varmaan tietää suomen 100 itsenäisyyspäivä on tulossa, joten laita video sun voltista (tyyli vapaa) hashtagilla #satavolttii ja voit voittaa @rushtrampoliinipuisto palkinnon! (lue lisää esim. @sennytumbles )
katotaan, kuinka monta volttia saadaan 6.12 mennessä 😉 #satavolttii

i love this😍 happy abt my fulls and my form haha
at @getair_finland with @saanaauror ❤️ we had sm fun and i love this place, going there again soon 😉💚 #dmpromos #getairespoo

sooo happy i got this 🧡
sorry i did not film anything, there was sm people :(( i met @saraflipz and @maijuflipss for the first timeeee and i’m gonna post some kind of full vid tomorrow or today❤️ #skillzperhe

comment skills to try here @cheerskillzgym today 👍🏼

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