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MA/CT 🎨Hair Colorist  🌌Color Specialist🌌 • Creating Custom °Blondes °Brunettes °Redheads °Unicorns 🦄 • 📅Online booking coming soon! 📩DM for apt inquiries

Last item to check off the back to school list... New hair 💙💁🏼‍♀️✔

Obsessed with Sam's smooth blend 🤤😍

Loving this silky smooth balayage 🖌 done with #aveda enlightener, toned with #aveda gold blonde finish 5min toners

Who says summer is for blondes 🌞🕶

Light Red Violet or Violet Pure Pigment? @aveda #aveda #avedacolor #whichone #pinkblonde

On the left... well I'm still not quite sure I know what happened to her on the left.😲🤔
There was large uneven sections⚖, glue☠, random colored wefts... oh, did I mention the breakage?

We took that shit out. We did intense conditioning treatments. Then put in 2 boxes of Vomor tape in extensions.

Voilà! 💁🏼All better... I'll see her back in 6 to 8 weeks and continue down this healthier path💪

Silky Blonde🐛👗 on Michelle

We added subtle tones of pastel pink and mint in with this smooth blonde.
@aveda #aveda #avedacolor #customcolor #haircolorwithbenifits #silkyblonde #jennievennum #studio20salon #BeA20

Amber's baby blonde👧🏼
We powered in a lot of color with a full foil.
Finishing with the new @aveda Demi+ gloss to soften the final look. Not all blondes need to be icy 🍾🏖👌 #haircolorwithbenifits

🍃Rosemary Mint🍃
My love for this product runs deep.❤ 🌱It's the perfect shampoo for all hair types. 🌱Great for balancing out the scalp's PH. 🌱Thoroughly cleanses away oils (for those of us who don't shampoo everyday). 🌱Rosemary is a natural insect repellent and deodorizer. 🌱Gentle enough that I bathe my 2 pitbulls with.

When the 👑Queen👑 ( @mybighairday ) let's you make her a solid blonde 😍

You can't fake this 💥shine💥
All done with the new @aveda Demi +
Inpired by Sarah Hylands new color
#aveda #avedaartist #avedaartistcontest #ianmichaelblack #avedamoonstone #aircontrol #texturetonic #jennievennum #studio20salon #BeA20

Next up^ the Spiced Cherry collection
Variations of red hues 🍒🍷🌡
This one is a true red diluted with a soft violet undertone

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