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Jennie Armstrong  ⚫️ co-founder @loredeforce + builder of socially conscious businesses βšͺ️ relentless in the pursuit of everything all at once ⚫️ nomad + world traveler

back in la la land πŸ‰

Happy Saturday from San Diego! So pumped that @shesthefirst is streaming #stfsummit on Facebook Live! STF is tackling gender inequality through education, and the summit is a place to talk about everything from feminism to girls education. They also have an AMAZING lineup of speakers. Link in bio if you want to follow along :)

office view for the next week β›° #nomadlife

sunday night zen πŸ“Ώ

a lil backyard music fest in l.a. πŸ’ž

Having a crazy week and knowing I have to work through the weekend means I finished a meeting at 5:30 today and immediately decided to close my laptop for an hour, order Uber Eats, pull out my Kindle, and put my feet in the pool. I have to remind myself constantly that the work will all get DONE, and it'll be even better if I unplug and give myself space. My favorite core value of @loredeforce is S.C.R.E.A.M.: Self-Care Rules Everything Around Me. Taking a second to freaking cheers to THAT πŸ₯‚

@clairembiggs and I wrote each other's intro's for @loredeforce and they crack me up. Check it out! (PS - This is a photo from Thailand last fall eating incredible fried chicken!) ___

#Repost @loredeforce
If you meet up with Jennie, there is a very good chance she's just finished doing one of three things: dancing, working, or telling the person she's talking about how you're the greatest writer/speaker/yogi/etc. she's ever met. Sometimes, she's just finished doing all three of those things at once. That's peak "Jennie" for you

I wanted to share something about her that you might not get from visiting our site, which is that she's always in motion. That's the thing about Jennie. She's always moving and growing and changing. And if you're looking to change the world, who better to have by your side than someone like that?


She's my could-put-Tony-Robbins-to-shame, will-hop-on-a-last-minute-flight-around-the-world, yes-I'll-get-a-tattoo-with-you-in-Bangkok best friend. Working together is just a bonus. Hell, I'm grateful we get to exist on the planet at the same time. To know her is to love her, to be a little bit afraid of her (we have that in common), and to want to rearrange your life to take on the world after talking to her. Meet Jennie. - C

come on, keep me where the light is ✨

i can't believe i'm typing these words: today, Claire and i are officially launching our brand new website (and company name):
i've dedicated the past 7 years to building the legacies and brands of others, so to take time over the past 6 months to do this with claire was an incredible process. i'm so proud to have a site that is unapologetic in its reflection of who claire and i are and the work we've been doing together on behalf of our clients.
more than ever in today's world, we need to radically rethink what it means to be a business and the impact that businesses have in the world. it does not matter what your industry is - whether you're a bank or a foundation. making a lot of money, giving a damn about people, and giving back are not mutually exclusive. this has always been our mission, and it will continue to be.
i especially want to send so much love to our incredible clients and contractors as well as our friends and family for their relentless love, support, and encouragement. we are so grateful, and this is just the beginning of our next chapter.
p.s. - our first newsletter is coming out soon and you can subscribe here:

home is the amplitude of a rhythm.

heart is so happy.

New York, I love you and all of your dark bars and adventures around every corner. Be back soon πŸ‘„

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