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So proud of my boy! He hiked three mountains today: Camelback, Squaw Peak and Flat Irons. Long day and he was still smiling when he got home (left at 4:00 am & got home at 7:00 pm)

The Easter Pageant was amazing! So proud of my little sister, Nathan and Sarah!!!

In anticipation of my upcoming trip to Ireland, I'm looking for some Irish fare movies! Far and Away, Princess Bride, P.S. I Love You and a classic Waking Ned Devine! I'm going old school with my portable DVD player (pathetic I know, we really need an IPAD!) Please help save me from going insane with ADD on the plane! Thanx!

Loved this Conference talk by Elder Uchtdorf!

Vision Walk for "I Love Lucy!" Great way to start our day.

My sweet & talented sister in the Easter Pageant! Few could fit the role of Mary as well as she does.

Lincoln loves to feel the baby "dancing& #34; in my belly!!!

Our sad boy was devastated to give the kitten away that we found in our back yard. A sweet worker at the pet store said she would take good care of it. Soooo many tears but I can't do cat and baby poop at the same time! It did pull on my heart strings!

Meet Mr. Max the millipede, Lincoln's new best friend. I have officially been replaced by an insect.

Oh boy! DeAnn's big celebration!!

My girl was awarded MVP! So proud of her!!!

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