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⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Sittin Pretty  Detroit🎭|EMU Grad| Shoutout to all the Girls that got Diplomas🎓 Cute lil chic, with a whole lot of heart♎️

...I talk alotta shit, but I can back it up. There's a Difference 🔑😎

So, did y'all Jordan/Yeezy lovers or Gym Shoe Fanatics grab them #LonzoBall #BigBallerBrand's yet? I thought y'all liked exclusives? Oh, yall gonna wait til Nike owns them. Ok! Fyi, I love this! Impressive🙌🏾 #yeezy #jordan #nike

❤️Fuji Bday, 5/17/16, we had a ball. It was essential for ALL of us to gather that day🙌🏾I hadn't hung out in that yard in 15+ yrs, but GOD sent me to see you that night! Who knew that'd be your last Bday on Earth! I'll always cherish that night! I love you Homie! 😢Always your SittinPrettyGirl, JenJen! @fujimacktown83

Happy Birthday, Chrissy🎈🎊 My online shopping buddy, friend who "gets" me & one who always holds me down 10+💪🏾 I love you Triple OG Booski!🥂

Beauty is pleasant, but remember Your Soul is what Captivates & Radiates you #ImSOULGood

She who does not feel me, Is not real to me, therefore she doesn't exist So poof! Vamoose...

Last night was Mad Real! #YouWasntThere

Happy Birthday, my EasyBaby! Her spirit lights up any room✨ Love you🎈

3:36am 5/14/17 Food Run 🍟

Aye, Niq, its ya Birthday! I love you. That's My Baby💖

Don't cha' wish ya Girlfriend was Hot like me? 💖

All I need is the ❤️ of my crew! Miss them! #Rocafella

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