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Which ones to take road tripping today? Maybe I'll take two.

America, mother truckers.

I have a fascination with hands. I think they really show the life that a person has lived. Sitting here watching him work and his hands are all I can really see but, it moves me to see this guy learning and growing. Seeing my daughters name tattooed on the back and my name forever around his ring finger just completes the picture. @ty.farris.9

When you do a photo shoot of your super talented friends custom built motorcycle only to have the pinnacle of motor cycle print mags like your photos. I will succeed on my own two damn feet. #educated #hardworking #willbesuccessful #printmag #lifelonglove #twowheelsforever #allowedtobeproud

I don't usually share memes here but, my friend posted this and I had to steal it. I laugh until I cry every single time I see it.

Remember who you are. Because who you are is singularly successful, fiercely loyal, deeply loving, and capable of great forgiveness. You are your own and nothing or no one can diminish your light.

A return to my oldest daughters wedding. It was one of our happiest days because we added Timmy to our family officially. Also, I can see where my girls get their cheekbones.

Whatcha doing, mom? Can I help? Is there food? It doesn't matter, I love you sooo much.

This guy took me to an Everclear concert. We laughed and sang the night away. It was a great time. I'm so glad we found this with each other again.

Strong people make, weak people take.
You know which one you should be.

Started 2017 by wetting a line with this guy. #greatwaytostart

The nice gentleman at the register tried to convince me not to buy this book. He much prefers digital because he'll have those forever. Think again, kind elderly man, think again.

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