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Jenn Clark  Mom of 3 boys, nurse. Lover of life, nature and a million small things. Follow me on my journey through life. All my own pictures. 💮 Mod: ig_namaste

We always end up back at the lake somehow. #water #jj_forum_1965 #lakeerie #play #summer #summertime

I have surprisingly few pictures without people. People tend to be the focus of fun things and enjoyable times. This was relaxing and peaceful. I go to this place mentally to relax. #painting #sunset #jj_sunset #jj_forum_1961 #rainbow #gradation #clouds #silverlining #ig_namaste

Standing on the dam in Rockford, Michigan. There were tons of turtles, fish, ducks, swans. This is like my home away from home, my place of escape far too infrequently. It's a place where my day dreams lie and my punchlines end. It is the beginning of most of my great stories (Grand Rapids, technically) and the place I never want to leave.
And there are people in this shot but they're just background noise. #rockfordmichigan #rockforddam #puremichigan #michigan #jj_forum_1961 #ig_namaste

I had to work this day. I got home and took a shower, put pajamas on. I just started eating dinner and one of my friends badgered me to go to a local fireworks display. So grudgingly I got dressed and with my oldest son in tow, we hiked along the river, looking for my friend and her kids. It was a lot further than I anticipated. We were both looking for each other. I finally said the hell with it and found a quiet spot where some other people were watching the fireworks. This shot was kind of a one in a million shot. I was just taking some random pictures of the fireworks and somehow snapped this one. It must have been right at the moment when one of the fireworks exploded. I loved the look of it. It must have been a reward for sneaking out late, walking a mile and never finding my friend. #fireworks #pointplacedays #pointplaceohio #ohiogram #ig_namaste #jj_forum_1952 #clickitblack #night #shine #bestplaceanyplace #jj_community #jj_forum_1964

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