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„You,“ he said, „are a terribly
real thing in a terribly false world,
and that, I believe, is why you are
in so much pain.“

„ it’s a place where we can forget about our problems for a little while and make new memories with people we love „

Wir leben kürzer als wir denken,
lieben länger als wir wollen,
Stellen uns auf die größten Berge, malen den Himmel wieder neu
Lassen alles um uns liegen, folgen nur noch unseren Träumen
Manche Augenblicke werden nur durch uns zu purem Gold

perhaps in a different time, I would named us hope. perhaps in a different universe, we would not meet so battleworn and I would give us forgiveness and not remember us as a war.

at some point in life, the world‘s beauty become enough

she had a gypsy soul and a warrior spirit.
she made no apologies for her wild heart.
she left normal and regular to explore the outskirts of magical and extraordinary.

There is something moon soaked and dawn flavoured about her.
Something kissed by the wild and loved by the lightning.
She looks like Artemis after a night of storm hunting.
She looks like the sun as it rises after kissing the dawn.

Her heart wears wisdom skin
and wit warmed splendor,
the echoes of a war cry holding
its four chambers together.

She rises like Athena
on a night of victory dancing.
She rises like the blood moon
in a sky of a thousand stars bursting.

I threw your heart in the smoke
So I can lay with the ashes
From the fire you started
That left me praying in a burning house
My prayers offered water for the flames
And I was able to kiss the moon

I will not have you without the darkness that hides within you. I will not let you have me without the madness that makes me. If our demons can not dance, neither can we.

she held the moon the way she held her own heart, as if it was the only light that could guide her through the darkest nights

dance with the waves, move with the sea. let the rythm of the water set your soul free

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