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I’m not tagging him I don’t know who this is.

This week in Hong Kong has been so wonderful culturally, professionally and personally. I am so honored to have had the opportunity to speak at @riseconfhq with @msyeah @uptin and add to the conversations about social media. MsYeah (if you didn’t know) is a very popular Chinese youtuber and meeting her was so beyond wonderful, hearing her thoughts and experiences that were similar to mine made me feel so connected to her, she’s so charming and eloquent and smart she actually stole my whole heart. (She has a pet pig like are you kidding we would be best friends if we lived anywhere near each other). Thank you so much @riseconfhq for inviting me to have this experience and opportunity and for deeming me worthy of having anything valuable to say, and thank you all of Hong Kong in general for being one of the most impossibly beautiful cities I’ve ever seen with really friendly people who have helped us have a wonderful stay here even though it’s literally a million degrees and more humid than I thought was possible on this planet. Other than that though, what a wonderful experience. I couldn’t say thank you enough.

A look.

Today is Marble's 9th birthday (I think he knows it too because he always gets extra hammy when he knows the day is all about him) and I'd just like to say thank you for being such a wonderful part of my life for almost a decade. I still think about the first night I brought you home. I wanted you to sleep in your little crate because everyone always said it's good for your dog to have a "den" and to crate train them early... but you kept making these heart crushing little bird noises to come sit with me. So I gave in. I cuddled you that night, you sept in my arms just like a teddy bear, you were only a pound, and for every night for the next 9 years you did the same. You are truly my life companion, my best friend, I love you more than what is normal or healthy and thank you for your presence spirit and energy. Have a wonderful little doggy day today and I hope we have many many more years together. (Lol and I already know you guys are going to say RIP marbles do your thing BUT HES ALIVE OKAY)

I love my ot.

His name is Adword Sponsorhands

My name is Jenna Marbles and I have stinky toes and I eat gross vegan pizza that tastes like boogers and Tim is the sexiest Asian man alive and you should follow him and subscribe to his YouTube channel asap!

Happy Valentines Day to my ot, I love you more than the world (and thank you @jennamourey_ for making this collage that I stole 🙃)

Okay perhaps iggies aren't your cup of tea, how about a tiny gentleman sitting on a couch?

Can I interest you in a cup of iggies

Today I stole my boyfriends hairdresser @rifrafhair and he turned my (like 6 inch) roots into this beautifully blended and toned blonde look and I'm so excited! Colors are fun but it's so nice to grow it out and have it look this natural and healthy, thank you so much!

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