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Jenna Lovisa Nevrin  FITNESS ▫️ WORKOUTS 🌍 Sthlm, 19 ~ influencer ✉️ jennanevrin@hotmail.com ✖️NOCCO/BAREBELLS ✖️RYDERWEAR ATHLETE ✖️PROTEINBOLAGET 🎥👇🏻 NEW YOUTUBE VID


Boo gurl in Sthlmmmm 💕💕 and only 4 months until she's living with us yaaaaas bishhhh

NEW YOUTUBE VIDEO ALERT 👑 talking 'bout my sassy life (or not lol) and explaining about my neck issues. Also - my big secret is now revealed!!!! You'll see in the video 👏🏻😻✨ LINK is in my bio! ✔️
gains sponsored by @proteinbolaget, as always. And MAYBE the secret had something to do with this company, just maybe... 😏 (PBJENNALOVISA for discount btw 💓)

Did my cardio and then I went straight home to eat :))) #storyofmylife

I'll most likely be found like this. Eating my @fitnessmeals.se (salmon is my fav fyi) while sipping on a @nocco. It's called a #multitasking lifestyle 😏

U probably wonder why I've been so off lately and for those of u wondering - there is ofc a reason. So about a year and a half ago my neck started to hurt and it just got worse. Until that day I stood there in the gym, doing deadlifts or something, and just realising it hurted SO bad and that it was time to act. For real now. I don't want injures that'll last my whole life, just because I can't stand resting from the gym. So here I am, tomorrow I've been resting 2 weeks from the gym and my neck is healing slowly but steady. I'll probably wait another 2 weeks with weight training but whatever, really, ok it feels like I'm losing gains each and every minute but I'll be back stronger than ever. NO DOUBTS about that. I'm just angry at myself for not realising this earlier. I mean - if a body part repeatedly hurts when exercising, then something really IS wrong. PLEASE please please take this seriously and keep it in your mind for the future. We are supposed to live in our bodies for a whole lifetime, don't screw it up earlier than necessary!!! 🌟😢
also, next thing I wanted to tell you is I've actually been a part of the @ryderwear FAMILY!! 😻😻🌟👏🏻 this is such an amazing brand with comfy and nice workoutclothes, and not to speak of their weight lifting shoes 😭😭 my discount for u guys will be JENNA10 which will give you a 10% off. As u may guess, my whole outfit is from Ryderwear 💋you'll find a DIRECT link in my bio! #ryderwear

Throwback to one of the best days in life, already feels like years ago even though it was last summer 😭 #exaaaambish #student

I mean, it's friday after all 👑
👗~ @lulus #lovelulus #ad

nah sweetie we ain't messing around. It's @barebells or nothing. .
📸 by @danielthetallphotographer

GUYS! HIT US UP WITH QUESTIONS 🌟💅🏻 we're going to film a Q&A (+ mukbang cause yes I'mma show you guys how we can EAT) for my youtube channel. So either write your questions down below under this pic or send me a DM if you wanna be anonymous. It can be both fitness related or more personal ones 💥🍫👑 (video will be both in swedish & english depending on the question) leggoooooo 👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻

Throwback to that day when I realised daily cardio and a diet on boiled chicken + broccoli isn't really how you live life. About 3 years between these pictures and I'm not only smarter and wiser today, I'm full all day long and a LOT happier. Trust me. Don't restrict yourself too much, listen to your body and it'll tell you how to love life in YOUR own soul & body 🙏🏻🍫❤️ #simpleasthat #tb #throwbacktuesday #transformation #transformationtuesday (I'm 175 cm tall btw)

Ohmy, where to even begin??? WHAT A WEEKEND GUYS 😩😩!!! Had a blast with my two favourite teams @proteinbolaget & @barebells and even though my voice is LONG gone by now (those who know they know 😅) I'm overwhelmed by all the amazing people I've spent these days with. (ok at least the first 2 days when I could actually speak 😭)
also I wanna say THANK YOU to those of you who've been coming up to me for a little chitchat and some photos in our photobooth ❤️ without you there'd be no me. #cheesybuttrue
At last, people outside will always have their own opinion but for us who were there; we all know there's something magical about #FitnessFestivalen? am I right honey's? 😏 thank you for having us @fitnessfestivalen #baramassakärlek #kärlekkärlekkärlek #visesvälnästaår #barebells #proteinbolaget spraytan av @creadiem.beautycenter 💓

under the mistletoe w babe @sandrastjerneus 🎄 kom & knäpp lite bilder & häng med oss i Barebells monter A05:12 🤸🏻‍♀️💥 #barebells #ff2017 @barebells

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