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Ya'll...this spaghetti squash casserole was o u t. o f. t h i s. w o r l d. It's so dang flavorful with the 6 different seasons thrown in and the sautéed mushrooms + onion + garlic + mozzarella. Ohhh I want some more. #chefpence #dinnerdeliciousness #getinmybelly

Wishing I were sipping on rosé again with my twin.

Kale sautéed with olive oil and purple potatoes are my new jam.

Nothing like getting your flight of beer on a banjo. First time at @triplecbrewing and I can say that I'll be a regular going forward. Happy Friday!! Celebrating my husband passing his series 65 which means he is a fully registered client associate for Merrill Lynch. Proud wife over here 🍻

Sometimes I like to drink my choice of beverage in a wine glass. #dasani #sparklingwater #classy

This happens to be the 'verse of the day' and happens to be exactly what I needed to be reminded of this morning. It's been almost 2 months since my last day of work in New Jersey. Moving to Charlotte has been so wonderful but it's been so hard at the same time. It's not easy for me to be at home all day wondering when I'll get a call with a job offer. It's not easy to show that some days I've been completely depressed. It's not easy to move to a new place where you don't have friends and family near by. But everyday I'm reminded, even when it's so dang hard, that I have a faithful God who wants me to rest in Him. Kyle and I have moved 4 times in the 2.5 years we've been married and God has provided me with a new job and amazing provisions each and every time. I'm so thankful I can look back on those situations and know, WITHOUT A DOUBT, my God will provide this time. So today, and everyday, I'm going to be still and rest in the presence of my Heavenly Father.

Wine 🍷 & pizza 🍕. Thank the lord for these two things. ❤️ #guiltypleasure

Seriously love the wall art at Hole doughnuts 🍩. Oh how I could go for one of their classic glazed doughnuts right now. Ya feel me? 😍😍😍

Oh man....feeling wiped after a good workout at my apartment gym. Cardio + ab workout = 💦 session. I've been doing about 40 minutes of cardio during the weekdays along with some full body workouts thrown in the mix. Loving this easy but effective routine so far.

I love my city so much. Today was SO fun running the Little Sugar Creek Greenway. We completed 6.5 miles (probably only ran 3.5 miles of it) in 97 degree heat! What an accomplishment it was to complete that drenched in sweat haha.
It's crazy how much my style of fitness training has changed. I no longer lift crazy heavy weights and have been doing more body weight training. Not sure if this is a phase or what but I'm loving it. I have been seriously loving the amount of cardio I've been doing and just getting outdoors going on hikes as much as possible. After 4 years of heavy lifting it started taking a toll on my body. Injuries happened more frequently and I wasn't enjoying the actual lifting session as much.
My encouragement to you all is find something you LOVE doing. Maybe your exercise regimen is getting at least 10,000 steps in, or kick boxing, or pilates, or spin biking, or whatever! Just do it. Move your body. Be active. And go with the flow, friend 👊.

Just came back from a quick trip to Asheville. I surprised my twin at work and took her out to lunch to this super adorable restaurant called @coppercrownavl. It's a modern American cuisine with a touch of New Orleans standards. My heart and tummy are so full after that lovely meet up ❤️

This book...right here...has made me cry more times than I would like to admit. 😭 This book is The Nightingale by Kristin Hannah. Have any of you read it? It has moved me so much that I had to just mention it to you all. This book tells the story of two sisters, barely even adults, who endure the struggle of even surviving during the German occupation of France. These two sisters are so different in personality but I guarantee that you'll be able to relate yourself to one of them and that's what makes this book so powerful. If you are looking for a book to read I highly suggest picking this one up. It's easily become one of my favorites even though it's been so difficult to get through.

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