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Jenna Troy  ✨Snippets of my life in tiny squares as a Wifey | Mumma to Ivy Winter + Aiden | Midwife✨

💃Mother’s Day💃 “All that I am, and hope to be, I owe to my mother (insert Nan and sister)”- A.Lincoln
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Get back here sweet Spring babe; Autumn looks good on you! (Maybe don’t try eating the fallen leaves though 🍁 It makes you sad and then Mama has to pull alllll the silly faces to make you find your happy again 😜)

• SEVEN MONTHS • “Motherhood is an expansion of your heart, body and soul. Your universe expands and for a time, you are someone’s sun” -anon!
When I became a Mum to Ivy and then a second time to baby Aiden I was amazed at how full my cup felt! It still amazes me each day! I can’t speak on anyone else’s behalf but for me, I am happiest being Mum! I am sure this is my life’s purpose! Others might relate while some may feel they need something else as well and that’s perfectly fine too. Whatever makes you happy and gives you balance. I don’t know what this says about me (or my personality 🤔) to feel so fulfilled by my little wandering hearts and their innocent unconditional love but while they are vying for my cuddles, my lap space, my fingers to hold (Aiden’s favourite thing at the moment as he drifts off to sleep at night) then I am going to embrace it! Even in those moments when sometimes you just need a little hush and a little bit of pause I always try to embrace it because one day they won’t need me in this way 😭 My hope is they will always need me though, just like the sun 🌞

When your big sister thinks you make a pretty cute canvas for a painting 🙈

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Happy first Easter to these special little bunnies 🐰 🐰💙💙 How beautiful it is to spend today with my baby nephew and his Mummy (@nathhancock you are missed!!) and have these little cousins together x

🐇 HOPPY EASTER EVERY BUNNY 🐇 Loved waking up at 6.30am this morning to this little chicky babes 🐣 excitement! She was feeling all the feels searching for the Easter Bunny out of her bedroom window and then following an easter egg hunt in the backyard 💜 (wearing same outfit as last year 🙊)

• SIX MONTHS • “The stars belong in the deep night sky
and the moon belongs there too,
and the winds belong in each place they blow by
and I belong here with you.
And the trees belong in the wild wood
and the deer belong in their shade,
and the birds belong so safe and good
and warm in the nests that they’ve made.
And you belong where you love to be,
and after each day is through,
you will always belong right next to me
and I’ll belong next to you.
Some creatures were made for the land, or the air,
and others were made for the sea;
each creature is perfectly home right there
in the place it belongs to be.
And no matter what places you travel to,
what wonders you choose to see,
I will always belong right here with you,
and you’ll always belong with me” - M.H. Clark
Your Aunty Loz and Uncle Nate bought this amazing book for you when you were born called “You Belong Here” and as I flipped through each exquisite page I felt my eyes well with tears. It’s like the author saw directly inside of my heart and found these words sitting there. As a Mama to you and your adoring sister Ivy, sometimes I try to adequately express the all consuming love I have for you my beautiful babies. Most times I open my mouth and in place of words, sentences and sounds my hand goes directly to my chest and finds its way home, where you will always belong 💙💜

These little loves 🙌 The cure for any case of Monday-itis

Mums gone wild 😜🍾💃 and all in the name of a great cause! One that is now close to our hearts! Well done to everyone involved in creating such a successful night in support of the Cystic Fibrosis Goulburn & District Support Group who help local families touched by CF 🌹🌹🌹 I hope our sweet Billie Button looks back on these pics when she is older and sees that her strong amazing Mama became an activist for #sixtyfiveroses from the very beginning, with her two adopted Aunties right by her side 💪 #allfortheloveofbillie

Today we celebrate allllll the amazing women for International Women’s Day 🙌💃 Most especially the ones who we share our life with! We are lucky to know some of the ultimates 💗 and for me, this little chicky babe right here is exactly that! We tell each other “you’re my best girl”, today and for the rest of days! #girlpower #IWD #mayweknowthemmaywebethemmayweraisethem

Should be sleeping yet here I am scrolling #standard 🙈 Let’s go back to the weekend shall we 🙌 #lovedup @lozzagough @nathhancock

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