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JENNA KUTCHER  📣 Host of the @goaldiggerpodcast MN and Hawaii 🌴 Photographer Body Positive Babe ✨ Keepin' it real since 1988. Take my “Secret Sauce” quiz! 👇🏼

Double tap if Joanna Gaines is your hero (or at least your total girl crush!)

Just a girl in her natural habitat... shopping at Magnolia, getting design inspiration and checking out @joannagaines Mac and Cheese recipe and taking notes!
Fun fact: she was on my vision board when I started my podcast! Who thinks she’d be an epic guest on the @goaldiggerpodcast?

What are you white knuckling right now? What is your grip so tight on as you try to steer your way in the direction that you want? I know there is something you’re refusing to surrender... I’ve got it, too.
Never be afraid to trust your unknown future to a known God. I know we feel like the ultimate planners of our lives making lists and setting goals and hustling hard, but His plans are bigger and better than you have ever dreamed.

So today, I am swallowing my word for 2018: surrender, and inviting you to step along side of me, to loosen your grip, choose faith over fear, and open your hands to the possibilities that await you.
Tag someone below who might need this message as they navigate the storms of uncertainty in this life.

We met my freshman year of college and sat in the back of our communication class. We dated other people and confided in one another. We studied in the basement of our college dorms and rigged class schedules to be the same.
It took three whole years for that first kiss to happen. Three years of friendship, trust, and growth. We had bet that we had to kiss “just once” to see what it would be like because we were best friends.
I finally went in for the kill in 2008 while we were watching Home Alone and avoiding studying for finals. We’ve grown up a lot since then. I am not the woman he married, I am stronger, more confident, filled with drive, but as we’ve grown into who we are, we’ve grown into one another.

So here’s to that best friendship turned love, first kisses that give butterflies, fights that we laugh about, and almost a decade of choosing each other every single day. We aren’t who we were but I sure do like who we’ve become!
What’s your story? Photo by: @mrslindseyroman

This is my happy place!
It’s wild to think we moved in just three weeks ago. Last night as we were walking along the shores of Lake Superior with ice cream, I smiled because this most definitely wasn’t part of “our plan.”
The truth is: it feels so right. So many little things in our lives lined up to make the move to Minnesota happen and we laughed at how His plan unfolded while we were busy writing down our own plans.
My entire life can be summed up in one sentence: it didn’t go as planned but I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Where is your happy place? Tell me below! And don’t worry, we’ll do a home tour soon! Excited for it? #thekutchercasa

Ya know what can kiss my big beautiful behind? Impossible beauty standards, retouched perfection, ads that target our deepest insecurities, the way the world preys on the things that set us apart....
I want you to focus on the things you LOVE about yourself, those little quirks and scars and bumps and dimples that make you one of a kind. What if you looked in the mirror and complimented your reflection?
Confidence begins when we let go of the world tells you to be and step into who you already are! Rock what you’ve got, sista!
Tell me one thing you’ve learned to love about yourself below! Let’s start this positive body talk and celebrate together! #aeriereal

There are perks to being your own boss: no time clock to punch, no bra required, and you can work from home with your dogs in your lap...
But it’s not always glamorous. In fact, when I started out, my business was based on fear. I was afraid of other photographers, afraid to tell someone my prices, afraid to step out from behind my work, afraid that someone would call me a fraud (and they would be right.)
I built a little island I operated on by myself because fear told me to and it wasn’t until a few years into it that I realized I needed people. I needed other humans who “got it,” I needed to know I wasn’t alone, I needed to be a part of something bigger than myself.
This week I am hosting a virtual party live for photographers. I only do this 2x a year so don’t miss your chance! Over 10,000 of y’all have joined and it’s my way to say “thank you” to this industry. We weren’t meant to be islands or go it alone. If you need help marketing, jump on in. There’s room for you at! Already signed up? Say hi below so I can look for your name!
And for the rest of you: find your people, stop glorifying busy, believe in abundance, work hard, and be kind. You can do this, you are not a fraud, and you are worthy to get paid to do what you love.

Confession: this photo landed itself in the “never share to Instagram” category pretty quick because of that sweet little extra roll of flesh that hung over my pants that you probably didn’t even notice until I pointed it out. Why do we pick ourselves apart? Deeming moments as “not-Instagram-worthy” because of their imperfections? SO STUPID, we are better than this!

I found myself scrolling through memories on my camera roll the other day (thanks to running out of memory) and was admiring how beautiful and alive and strong I looked in past images... but then I remembered those real moments filled with: insecurity, fear of feeling fat, wanting to hide.

In hindsight, I wish I had punched my inner mean girl and told myself: you are alive, you are beautiful, you are worthy, and perfect is boring anyways. So here’s to sharing those slightly imperfect but fully alive moments that belong in my feed because those are the ones I’ll look back on and remember ME, just as I am.
Outfit details: #liketkit

I’ve never been more happy to be snowed in with these cuties and home sweet home. I’m not even mad about the foot of snow because I’m in my happy place, #thekutchercasa!
Also, in case you think I suddenly got my crap together, please notice that my fly is entirely down: #reallife. 😂 #relationshipgoals

Yesterday I kicked off my 7th wedding season. I’m geeking out over the second shot here (swipe right! 👉🏻) Ang looks like a movie star!

No matter how many weddings I’ve shot, love stories never get old. Wedding days are crazy. They are electric, almost like this moving, breathing phenomenon and I have the honor and privilege of freezing those precious moments.

Those little in-between glances or the tear brimmed eyes, the hands squeezes, and the epic dance moves. Angela and Orlando celebrated every moment of their day and stole moments for just them. They whispered vows that only each other heard and made their day not just about them but their families coming together.

Orlando told me to do a good job because he’d be showing his grandkids these photos someday when he was old and didn’t have the same swagger... did I do him justice?


Repeat after me 🗣 I am enough. I am doing enough. It’s crazy how enough I am.

Believe it, repeat it, know it. Just in case you forgot today in the busy, you are enough and worthy and beautiful and your butt looks great today. K?

Tag 3 women below to encourage them today. Let’s turn this comments section into a virtual celebration.

A $300 Craigslist camera... that was my “big break,” the thing that started all of this.
I was sitting in my windowless office logging long hours and climbing a ladder I didn’t want to climb. I knew there had to be something more out there for me but I didn’t know what.

My camera gave me passion, it made me come alive and create... and yet turning that passion into a business wasn’t easy. In fact it looked a lot more like confusion that confidence.
Next week I’m leading 5 FREE, live trainings for photographers where I am sharing 3 easy marketing hacks to fill your calendar with the RIGHT clients. I only host these photography specific trainings 2x a year and this webinar is NOT going to suck.
I can’t wait to dive deep into the strategies that helped me book 25 weddings my first year and teach you how to market yourself with confidence!

Sign up using the link in my profile and tag your fave photographers below! It’s a virtual bootcamp and I can’t wait to lead ya! Warning: these WILL hit capacity so choose your date and time now before they are full!

See ya next week, who’s in?

Double tap if you think our parents generation is DYING over our current fashion trends. I think if I would have told myself that I’d wear orange, flared, high-water pants a year ago, I would have laughed at myself. But alas, I’m trying to stay hip and apparently trendy and I’m cool with it (because they are super cute, right?)
Learning how to dress these curves and how to not hide under my clothes and you (and Tucker pup) are lucky enough to join me for the journey! Loving this @nordstrom outfit!
To shop this post, screenshot this photo if you have the app, follow me: @jennakutcher in the LTK app or type in the URL below to get the direct links to this outfit and past ones! #nordstrom #liketkit #ad #thekutchercasa ✨

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