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JENNA KUTCHER  Host of the @goaldiggerpodcast 📣 MN + Hawaii 🌴 CEO, Puppy Cuddler, Self Love + Education Wife to @kickingitwithkutch My dad hates my underwear pics.👙

I sincerely hope these are the photos I take while pregnant... but actually though. #overdue
Today at church we were talking about the holidays are supposed to be a season of joy and peace and as this baby rolled in my tummy, I was reminded of how just one year ago, I was lacking joy and peace and dreading the holiday.
Our second baby had a due date of December 24th and I had remembered dreaming of a holiday holding that little baby only to have that dream ripped away. In this season of expectancy, I am reminded of the seasons of waiting... perhaps you’re in one.
I don’t have answers, I can’t tell you it’ll all be okay when it feels like it won’t, I am sorry you’re going through it but I can tell you that this season you’re in won’t last forever and that if you’re missing out on that peace and joy, you aren’t broken, you’re a human navigating hard things.
We’ve waited three years for this season, so I think we can manage to wait a few more days. Praying for you, wherever you are at this holiday season. I pray that hope can fill the voids in your heart and that you can trust that you are not alone. #40weekspregnant #aeriereal

The real holiday to-do list for all of us! Double tap if you agree.
In the rush, in the stress, in the hustle and busyness, let’s slow down to remember the reason for the season!
Here’s my real Holiday to-do list! Just throw in some baby snuggles and I’ll be perfect.
List authored by: Shelly Young Modes

WAS IT A FLIP OR FLOP? A few months ago we felt like we could have our very own HGTV show when we bought a second condo, @thekutchercondo, sight unseen. We put an offer in and couldn’t get back to the island for months. Needless to say we were nervous but hopeful!
Hawaii has served as a huge piece of our story. Maui has been our redemption song in many ways as we’ve navigated the last few years of trying to start our family, scale our businesses, and stop making busy a badge of honor in our lives enough to slow down and take in the sunset.
Thankfully with our renovation came a new friend, @eastcoastcreative, who took over our space, kicked us out to enjoy a babymoon and made over the condo that’s now available to rent (and booking fast!) To FINALLY see the reveal, head to the link in my profile!
Who wants to go to Hawaii? We’ll be there three months next year and we’d love to host you! Make sure you’re following @thekutchercondo so you don’t miss out! #kutchersinkihei

30 years old, 30 weeks pregnant in these photos... and yes, they still chose me, a size 10/12, small town Minnesota girl, to show up and be photographed with zero retouching.

Today I’m teaming up with @aerie to talk about funny holiday traditions and what I’m most excited about this season but as I stared at the photos, I was even more blown away by the fact that they continue to run in the opposite direction of traditional marketing.

You know... the kind of marketing that targets our insecurities, makes us compare ourselves to unrealistic standards, shows only one type of body and promotes the questioning of our worth? Making us believe that we need every beauty cream, shape wear item, and airbrushing app to feel beautiful...

I am not just proud to be modeling for them, I am proud to be a ROLE model that can stand with Aerie and help redefine beauty, change the way we talk about our bodies, and show up in every stage of life, proud to be me! Thank you @aerie for going against the grain and taking a chance on me.

Not only will I cherish these photos for a lifetime but I will cherish the fact that you never questioned if I could do this, if I was worthy to represent something so incredible! This is a company that’s the REAL deal. #aeriereal #aeriepartner #30weekspregnant

I now answer the phone, “Yes, I am still pregnant” instead of saying “Hello.” Getting close to to the 40 week mark!
I do have to say, I’m enjoying the sense of urgency people now have in answering my phone calls and text messages! #pregnancyperks #babykutch | Photo by: @whitleymcdonald

As you look at the goals and resolutions you wrote down, it’s easy to feel like you failed, like you didn’t achieve what you thought you would or that you fell short.

Sometimes growth isn’t measured in numbers, figures, followers and metrics. Sometimes it can’t simply be quantified.

Sometimes it’s measured in things like: confidence, identity, service, relationships, purpose, quality time, passion, resiliency, not giving up.

When you look at where you've gone this year, don't just look at numbers, look at how you FEEL, how you LIVED, what you CELEBRATED, how you SURVIVED and OVERCAME things you didn’t even dream of in January.

You did an amazing job! You GREW. And something tells me that 2019 is going to be your year! Own it, claim it, manifest it right now!

Type below: “This is the year I will:” and fill in the blank to tell me what you’re going to accomplish this next year! Make it real.

We laid in bed last night talking for hours, we can feel that our lives are going to change and yet we stand on this ledge soaking in every moment of now while anxiously awaiting what’s next.

If my family wouldn’t have gone to the Wisconsin Dells and stayed at a 2 star hotel with a diving board, I would have never become a diver. If I hadn’t become a diver, I would have never chosen the college with the awesome swim team. If I hadn’t chosen that college, I would have never been in the same place as you.

If I hadn’t switched my major, I wouldn’t have met you in class. If I hadn’t sat in the back row, I might never had spoken to you. If I didn’t use AIM to message you to study with me, I might never have noticed how good of a friend you are. If I didn’t believe in us, I might never have finally kissed you.

Ten years in and I’m still not sick of you. When I look at all of the “what ifs” it’s impossible to think that there hasn’t been a God at work orchestrating it all. It’s easy to see all of those tiny decisions that led me to you. I didn’t know it then, but I know it now.

Today could be filled with a “what if” that you’ll look back on and see the bigger plan. Today could be the day that you decide something small that can change absolutely everything for you. Today your creator is at work, orchestrating something beautiful in your life. I believe it, do you?

This is your Sunday reminder: you can handle anything this week is about to throw at you!
Photo: @child_indigo

OUR NURSERY REVEAL! It’s surreal to share the space that we get to bring our baby home to. After our two losses, I stopped dreaming about nurseries and baby clothes, the house that I had visualized that life in, no longer felt like home to us.
When we moved into this house, I intentionally put all the boxes in this room because I couldn’t even utter the words, “This could be our nursery.” I just wasn’t sure I could handle the heartbreak again. Halfway through our pregnancy, people started asking us about what the room would look like and I hadn’t even brought myself to visualize it yet.
Thankfully, @littlecrowninteriors and @pbmodernbaby stepped in and offered to help us create a sweet, simple, gender neutral nursery for Baby Kutcher and it’s quickly become our favorite room in the house! I’m sharing the full space on the blog today (link in bio!)
Don’t stop dreaming, friends. This is proof that miracles happen and that everything is just a season. Now let’s bring this baby home! #babykutch #thekutchercasa #39weekspregnant

I signed a contract to do a swimsuit photo shoot three months after giving birth.... and I’m not even nervous about it. It’s weird, what happens when you can see your body as the miracle that it is instead of the “flaws” that it has. I can’t wait to show the world what my body has created and how it has changed.
I used to hate my arms so much that I refused to wear anything sleeveless. My arms are muscular, they don’t fit easily into coats, and they are strong, but I didn’t see them that way and so I hid them for years (seriously, scroll through my feed and you won’t find them!)

These arms are going to soon hold my newborn, they lift heavy things, and wrap my loved ones in a hug. Today I looked at them with admiration, not disgust, and I saw the change that’s happened in me.
If the world could see the way you speak to yourself, would you be proud? What would happen if you stood in front of the mirror and instead of picking out your imperfections, you picked out the things that make you beautiful, strong, able, and powerful?
As we enter a season filled with messaging about our bodies and weight and resolutions, I pray that your number one resolution is to finally learn how to love yourself, just as you are! YOU ARE ENOUGH! #babykutch #aeriereal | Photo by: @child_indigo

Who’s excited to see the nursery?🖐🏼
We’ll be sharing it SUPER soon! I’ve been spending tons of time in this space dreaming of rocking baby Kutch to sleep, acknowledging this miracle and organizing all the cute, tiny little clothes.
These days I find myself ordering more clothes for baby than myself (like, what?!), but I did grab these satin PJs from @nordstrom for my hospital bag and I couldn’t wait to wear them!
Our bags are packed and we’re ready to go soon! Only 8 days until my due date. Tell me one thing I can’t forget to bring to the hospital. I wanna make sure I’m set! Head to the link in my bio to see what I’ve got packed!
Who else is eagerly awaiting Baby Kutch? #38weekspregnant #babykutch #nordstrom #ad

YOU CAN CHANGE THE WORLD, girl. Yes, you. It’s #givingtuesday!
What if today, instead of talking about buying, we talk about GIVING. Today we donated over $30,000 to causes we believe in from a Food Shelter on Maui to a Women’s Shelter in Duluth, Minnesota, an entire water system in the Dominican Republic to funding scholarships for 10 entrepreneurial women in Uganda enabling them to start their businesses.
Never in a million years did I dream I’d have “enough” to make a difference, but the truth is, we all have to start somewhere and having causes I believe in makes me work harder to change more lives and make a bigger impact! You supporting my business is helping others. Whether you give on a local or a global scale, giving back can change the world.

Never underestimate the power of one! I’m not the only one who believes this, Aerie does too! This is what the REAL holiday spirit is about. How are you giving back? What causes do you LOVE? Comment below, inspire change and share with @Aerie using #RealWishes. #AeriePartner

What if in a world that told us constantly that we weren’t enough, we were rebels and wore a belief that we were?
I get asked every single day what my necklace says and I tell people that it’s my mantra.

Repeat after me:
I am enough.
I am so enough.
It’s crazy how enough I am.

My necklaces are back in stock and they sell out REAL fast! Snag yours (complete with holiday packaging!) for $24 + shipping! Link in my profile!
Own your enough-ness, give the gift of “enough” for someone who needs it, or simply remember, necklace or not, YOU ARE ENOUGH.
Want this under the tree? Tag someone below as a little nudge! Hint, hint, shop fast before they are gone!

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