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JENNA KUTCHER  Host of the @goaldiggerpodcast 📣 MN + Hawaii 🌴 CEO, Puppy Cuddler, Self Love + Education Wife to @kickingitwithkutch My dad hates my underwear pics.👙

I don’t know everything, but these three things I do know for sure:
1️⃣ It’s officially time to give up my “Jenna” jeans and get some real maternity pants. Who am I kidding? It’s straight up leggings here on out!
2️⃣ My boobs literally look like roadmaps and Drew tried to give me directions using the veins as a guide. #thingstheydonttellyou
3️⃣ I am officially stocking up on allll the sweaters from @nordstrom and I’m ready for oversized sweater season. Anyone else?

Shop my favorite clothes and more of my looks by going to the link in my bio (and selfishly do it so you never have to ask me “where is that shirt from” again! 😂) #nordstrom #ad #29weekspregnant

CLAP BACK AT THE HATERS! 👏🏻Someone slid into my DMs and told me they couldn’t believe I had managed to land a guy as good looking as @kickingitwithkutch... like I wasn’t worthy of him because of my weight.

Part of my insecurity with my body has stemmed around being married to Mr. 6-Pack himself. Why should I, a curvy girl get him? I’ve felt unworthy and write narratives in my head that because I am not thin, I don’t deserve him.
This man has embraced every curve, every dimple, pound and pimple for the last ten years and has always me reminded me that I’m beautiful even when my inner dialogue doesn’t match.
So yes, my thighs kiss, my arms are big, and my bum is bumpy but there is just more of me for him to love and I chose the man that could handle alllll that (and so much more!)

I am so much more than my body, so is he, and so are you. Double tap if true love doesn’t see size. So thankful for a man that loves me at every stage, in every season

This caption was from our viral post and it’s truer today than ever before. Since it’s circulating again, I want to reaffirm this truth in case it’s just what you’ve been needing to hear. Photo by: @whitleymcdonald

Leaving the absolutely magical @campwandawega with a full heart, so much gratitude, and a growing bump or hand rest.
We sat in the lodge and played “never had I ever” with the logs burning on the fire and all I could think was: never have I ever seen a community of powerful women that were truly each for the other.

Leading a year-long mastermind has shown me that we are truly better together, that sometimes we are too close to our genius zones to see them, that it’s better to walk through life together, and that when women support women, insane things can happen.
Let’s turn the comments into a cheering section and I want for you to recognize and tag ONE woman who is doing big things, inspiring you, and who might need encouragement today!
I want to prove to the world that we really can celebrate one another! Ready? Set. GO! #jkmastermind #29weekspregnant

I'll be honest: I suck at creating habits sometimes.... and when I thought about taking vitamins every day, I cringed because I've never been good at it!

But then I took a 5-minute quiz at @careofvitamins and they told me exactly what the right combo would be for me in pregnancy and voila, a months supply landed on my doorstep.
The best part? They come in daily little packs so I can take them easily with me when I travel (they are even labeled with my name!) I should probably thank them for making me a changed woman, because they've changed the game on how I get and take vitamins (and #babykutch is probably thankful, too!)
Save 25% off your first order using the code JENNA! Link in profile! Tell me, have you tried them?

DOUBLE TAP IF YOU WISH YOU WERE HERE! Did you know that I believed in secrets for longer than I’d like to admit? I believed that I could get further alone and that abundance was a lie. I had been burned too many times and built up walls that were higher than Mount Everest.

Those walls didn’t protect me, they kept people out and they made this whole entrepreneur biz super isolating. So I started breaking them down, I started sharing, I started inviting people in, I built a longer table and started pulling chairs up to it... EVERYTHING CHANGED.
This week I’m at my FAVORITE Wisconsin gem, @campwandawega, for my last mastermind retreat and I’m welcoming my favorite girls into this space that has been a place of rest, rejuvenation and inspiration for the last few years.
I bet you’re feeling FOMO, so if ya are, just hop over to @goaldiggerpodcast and indulge in a few episodes and pretend like you’re here with us swatting at mosquitos and having heart-to-hearts in the treehouse! #jkmastermind

It will all make sense someday... right? I find myself saying, “If only I had known that loss wasn’t the final destination for me, that someday I could carry a baby and keep it safe, maybe then, my grief could have been cut short.” But isn’t that true with life? That it all has this way of making sense.

Sometimes I feel like we’re walking in a dark room with nothing more than a flashlight and we can only see what’s immediately in front of us and immediately behind us. If someone could just turn on the light switch and we could see the big picture, maybe then we wouldn’t waste time worrying or being anxious or questioning everything.
Yesterday as I sat at my baby shower, I realized this: it always makes sense, it always works out. We have to believe that what is true at the peaks is also true in the valleys and the darkness. What would it look like if you could trust that? What is one thing you could surrender today?
It’s not always easy or pretty, it’s often messy and chaotic and filled with questions but somehow, someway it always has a way of working out. Trust me on this one! There’s something bigger than you that can see it all with the lights on. Post an emoji below if you believe me.
Dress by my MN fave: @hackwithdesign

Holy macaroni (yum, macaroni!) there’s so many new faces around here and it’s been a hot minute since I told you a little about me and what I do!

I’m Jenna and I live in small town Minnesota! I’m 30 years old and I hate wearing real pants. I married a boy I met during my freshman year of college and we have two unruly rescue dogs and a miracle babe on the way, due early December!
I am mostly known for being the host of the @goaldiggerpodcast and showing up each week with inspiring interviews and awesome FREE education to help you chase your biggest dreams. I also teach marketing courses to thousands of entrepreneurs and I love helping people make profits doing what they LOVE!
We spend a lot of time in Hawaii and own two condos (yahoo, @thekutchercondo) that we rent out to you while we aren’t there enjoying them ourselves! I don’t shy away from the hard stuff. I talk a lot about like: marriage, miscarriage, body image, entrepreneurship, and I’m allll about keeping it REAL.
This feed isn’t just a highlight reel, it’s REAL and I believe it’s my love letter to the world and my legacy. So regardless if you’ve been here for years or just a day, WELCOME, there’s a seat for you at this table.
I wanna know: how did you find me and why have ya stuck around? So thankful you’re apart of this community that’s 600k strong and growing every day!

I never thought that picking out clothes for anyone other than myself (especially a tiny human) could be SO fun.... you guys, this is crazy!
Because of our fertility journey, I feel like for so long, I didn't let myself dream about things like a nursery, a baby registry, or those cute little onsies and now it's hitting me: this is HAPPENING.
I was SO pumped to find out that @happyhannas was launching their baby registry so that I can pick out my faves and make sure I get the matching pj set and start embarrassing my baby on day one! 😂 #hannababy #ad #babykutch

Walking (or should I say waddling) into the 3rd trimester and surprised that my belly button had the ability to become an outie. The impossible is possible, people.
From cellulite to melasma, heartburn to giant boobs, bellybutton ring scars (I knew I’d regret that someday) to stretch marks, I’ve gone through quite the transformation and it’s tested me to see if I really can walk the walk or if I just talk the self-love talk.

In all seriousness, I’ve learned a LOT about loving myself lately. From hating my body after our two miscarriages and feeling like it failed me to being entirely blown away by my strength and my bodies ability to grow a miracle babe.
Self love isn’t a destination, it’s a journey. I don’t think we will ever arrive or overcome our insecurities, but we do have a choice on how we speak to ourselves, on what our inner-narrative looks like, and of the way that we treat our bodies.
So will you join me and help shift the way we define beauty? Tell me one thing you have learned to LOVE about yourself below! I want to read all about your beauty (yes, YOU!) #aeriereal

I interviewed my HERO and you’ve probably never heard her name before. Today on the @goaldiggerpodcast I shared a conversation with my mom.

We talked about her life, motherhood, her nursing career, what I was like as a kid, what she thought when I left my safe 9-5, what I’ve done to embarrass her, and what it’s REALLY like to be my mom.
I’ve interviewed a lot of amazing women, but this one takes the cake. So I want to introduce you to: my mom. Prepare for her Minnesotan accent and get ready to laugh, cry, and hear her story.
Tell me, if you’re blessed enough to have a relationship with her: what do you love most about your mom? Comment below (and tune in, using the link in my bio!)

I never dreamed that a $300 Craigslist camera could be behind ALL of this. It all stared with this desire to get out of my stuffy windowless office and little did I know, a camera was the catalyst for living the life of my dreams.
I didn’t go to college for photography, I’ve never taken a single art class, and I didn’t grow up thinking I wanted to become a photographer and yet, there I found myself, building a six-figure photography business in a village of 1,200 people on a zero dollar ad budget!
This coming week, Tuesday - Thursday, I’m leading my free training for photographers: The 3 Marketing Hacks to Fill Your Calendar and I want you to show up! I only do these twice a year, so don’t miss your chance.

I’m sharing things like:
+ The #1 post you MUST add to your feed this week.
+ How to price yourself right and stop getting price shopped.
+ The BEST way to respond when someone asks you “how much do you cost?”
+ And my secret to creating a true experience that will leave your clients raving fans!

Photography changed my world in so many ways. It was my one-way ticket out of the corporate ladder climb and gave me the ability to tell stories through my lens! I hope that this week we get to hang out, so stop reading and go save your seat!
Are you in? Tag your favorite photographers below. It’s gonna be a virtual party and I can’t wait!

Working out of hotel rooms, lobbies and airports since 2012.
Whenever I meet people I love to ask: “What are you passionate about” instead of asking what they do. Because sometimes we have to do things to simply pay the rent and we’re not all lucky to have jobs that we LOVE! It also leads to way more interesting conversations for this introvert who hates small talk!
So how do you turn those passions into side hustles that could lead to profits? Well, I’m breaking it down with the help of my @aerie fam in a fun video and blog made just for YOU!
Hop to the link in my profile to check it in out and get my 3 biggest tips! (And can we just pause for a moment to recognize how insanely COOL it is that Aerie celebrates the fact that I’m an entrepreneur? This company is seriously a game changer at empowering women!)

Comment below and tell me the ONE thing you’re most passionate about! #aeriepartner

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