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Jenna Kim Jones  Comedian/Wife/Mom of 2 girls. I live in Georgia now! Listen to my podcast #SorryNotSorrywithJennaKimJones! Husband: @thehashtagAL #SiriusXM

I borrowed a few of the pictures y’all posted. Hope that’s ok! #PureBarreFriends #ChurchFriends #PodcastListenerFriends #FunShows #ThankYou

I will never be able to repeat this blowout! #liveyourtruth #HappyHaircut #friyay

New material 🎉 Saturday, June 16th 💃🏻 6:30 and 8:30 shows 🤸🏻‍♀️ Boom 🤯

By the end of our flight last night, there were only green apple skittles left. And I was proud (but also disappointed that she won’t eat the green ones and leave the rest for me). #SamKnowsBest #GreenAppleIsTheWorst #MyDaughter #Dory #BringLimeBack #travelholic #skittles #airplanesnacks #seatbelts #ipad #fingerprints

*Warning* Sappy birthday moment coming at you. Every year my mom makes a birthday card and then puts it in a book for us to keep. This year she shared a story she wrote down from back in 2009: “My Dad is proud of my daughter, Jenna, who began a stand-up comedian career this past spring. When Dad was a young man, after serving in World War II and performing in a vaudeville-type extravaganza entertaining the troops in Paris, he dreamed of going into show business as a comedian/singer/master of ceremonies. Recently, Dad, now eighty-four years old, had miner surgery which required a night’s stay in the hospital. After a restless period, he finally fell asleep and dreamed that Jenna was performing stand-up comedy at the nurses’s station. Jenna was surrounded by the hospital staff who was laughing at her jokes. While lying in his bed, Dad strained to get a glimpse of Jenna. Then Dad reported hearing Margie, his eldest daughter, laughing audibly above the crowd.” My Grandpa passed away a few years ago but I’m grateful for his sense of humor. ❤️ (Also shout out to my Aunt Margie for the laughs!) #SappyBirthday

Yessssss Utah! Awesome show! And after the crowd left, I jammed out to Backstreet Boys in the club. Someone brought me donuts. IS THIS EVEN REAL LIFE?

I originally posted this picture in my stories but lately I’ve received a bunch of unsolicited emails about how to make my Instagram account better. One of the tips I got was to post pictures that really represent my aesthetic. Apparently people judge your account and decide to follow in less than six seconds. So with all that in mind, I present “real life poop emoji.” #nailedit #farmcountry #poop #inspirationalwords

Happy National Donut Day! I’m at Girl’s Camp for my church but I made a quick pit stop for a donut and then asked one of the teenage girls here at camp to take a picture of me with that donut and my donut backpack. Then I did an amazing job photoshopping it onto this legit donut background. So today I not only went out of my way to celebrate #NationalDonutDay, I also taught a group of teenage girls that people like me use Instagram and it’s super uncool now.

When people ask how you’re doing and you say you’re fine except you don’t know how to sound anything but sarcastic so they don’t believe you: a collection of boomerangs.
Haven’t posted in a while so welcome new followers who will prob now unfollow me! Hello old friends who stick around for the fun. Lots going on in my life but let’s focus on three things first: show in Utah @wiseguyscomedy on June 7th, National Celebrate JKJ’s Birthday Day on June 8th and new comedy special recording in Atlanta @thelegacytheatre on June 16th. Let’s do this!

I have no intention of washing my hair tomorrow so here’s to remembering when it was clean 2-3 days ago. 👍🏻 Byeeeeeeeeee #doesdryshampoowork #itsgoingtoraintomorrow #cleanhair #hair #swipe #makeup #nomakeup #bye

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