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Jenna Clements  Life is awesome... Pretty simple. Wonderful husband and Mom of 2 powerful little girls. ❤️

It is college shirt day at Sloane’s school. I know there will be a lot of Gators and Seminoles running around. Sloane will be yelling, “Go Beach!”. #csulb #longbeachstate #lbsu #communications

Last year Sloane and I made little bags of candy for her class. I enjoyed making them with her. This year she asked if we could make them again. To her it’s just bags of candy. To me it is special memories and a little time for just us. Anyone that says things like this are ‘just for the parents’ don’t have a clue. Watching the kids hand out their treats to each other was awesome! I will do things like this as long as she keeps wanting to do them with me. ❤️

I can’t keep them in a bubble but I can make sure their little bodies are healthy enough to fight this dang bug going around and hope@for the best. #keepyourkidshomewhentheyaresick #pleaseandthankyou #washyourhands #amazinggrasskidzsuperfood #aintnobodygottimeforthat

I feel like such a grown up being excited about our new @parachutehome home bedding. It’s no joke when I say my dreams are about soft and comfy clouds now. @lana__le thank you for introducing me to this brand. The company focus is incredible as well. Shop with companies that do good for the world, please ❤️

It’s a Captain Underpants kinda movie night. Hence the margarita @rtclem made for me. #mommydrinks #professorpoopypants

I was having a ladies night out tonight. This is all the junk I had to take out of my purse in order to de-child my bag. I know more of you can relate than will admit!

Just a heads up, Sloane...

When you let Daddy write the gift tags from Santa. @rtclem

When you have to pull out the big guns. Thanks for the penmanship @onesstarr! #elfontheshelf #gotheftosleep #meanmom

BREAKING NEWS! Hurricane Ford strikes on the Hillsborough River! Strangely, only one home has been torn apart and it was inside the home. Hmmmmm. #toddlerterror #babyzilla #kidsaretheworst

The trashcan is right behind this cabinet. Next Sloane is going to leave her dirty dish on the counter right above the dishwasher. Don't worry. I'll get it for you. #mykidisawesome #mommyismymaid

"Mommy, where is that nice girl that got cupcakes with me last night ?" @leticiabufoni

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