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Jenna Clements  Life is awesome... Pretty simple. Wonderful husband and Mom of 2 powerful little girls. ❤️

As happy as I am that this was Sloane's afternoon snack of choice, watching her eat it has now made this hummus designated as 'Sloane to eat only'. #doubledipping #4yearoldmanners

I'm always 10 steps behind as of lately. Our sweet Ford hit her 10 month mark. She has a a ton of teeth, is already climbing the stairs, and eats avocado like it's going out of style. She's going to fit right in when we go to California next week! #babyford

Some people send flowers. My friends know what I need! I opened my door to take the trash out and there were 2 bottles of magic waiting for me! Thank you @lanahuckster for knowing what this mama needs! 🍷😘😇🙏🏻

So this morning I had a talk with Sloane about how she needs to sleep in her own bed. Ford was listening and taking notes for sure. Well that was a total #wasteofbreath because here we are 12 hours later and even Ford is now joining the party. Please note that pile Ford is laying on is me. Don't be shocked by how sexy my nighttime attire is. #youhaveyourowndamnbed

Is anyone else's heart melting right now? I came down from putting Ford to bed to catch this moment. Ryan just got home a few hours ago from Vancouver and they can't get enough of each other. Don't let it fool you though. Sloane is now hanging off of my neck singing Fear of the Dark with @rtclem. #daddydaughter #ironmaiden #nevergrowup

Pedicures with the girls and my little bestie. @rtclem, Sloane is hooked!

Please do not let this be how the rest of the day goes. It's only 8 am and we have 2 flights to go.

When you think you can't love your friends more @onesstarr wakes up early to drive you to the airport and changes a gross diaper while you check in. Then you go to pay for your MUCH needed Starbucks and realize you have a gift card from @kellykagy she sent when she saw I dropped my last coffee in Target. #friendsarefamily

You can decide if this ended well or not. Ok, I'll ruin it for you. Ford - 1 Sloane's ponytail - 0 #gentlelittleflowers #icouldhavestoppedit

A few weeks ago my sweet friend, @chadkagy recognized my cry for caffeine. Thank you for sending this!! It is exactly what I needed. Sorry @rtclem but this one is mine! If you have a second, take a look at @blackriflecoffee and the story behind it. Not only is this coffee saving my kids (mommy isn't so tired) but it's helping our Vets. All good things ❤️

My pedicure is doing the walk of shame right now. least I showered! #lovemybabysitter #pedithisweekend

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