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Jenna Chappell  Sarcastic most of the time

If I’m not wearing a crop top and jean jacket even in the summer is it really even me?

Showing proof that I can, in fact, smile in a selfie 😬

Would rather be hiking up to waterfalls than hiking into work tonight 😅

Before Florida’s humidity decided to turn my straight hair into a ms. Frizzle doppelgänger

Hey @daniij you can move back from NYC anytime 😭

See you later, Oregon. You were a time. ✌🏻

Gloomy sunsets 🖤

Waited 45 minutes for heaven 🤤

Sorry not sorry for all my vacation spam. This place makes Florida look like 💩

Hey @tizthebarber_, thanks for being almost 30 and letting us celebrate your birthday in a breathtaking place

Hiked nearly 10 miles to see 10 waterfalls. Can’t feel my feet but these views are totally worth it!

Donut worry about a thing mahm, I’m sunbathing 😇

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