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Jenna Chappell  📍Orlando | Cardiac Nurse 🏩 | Corgi mom 🐶| @tizthebarber_ 👨🏻 | Sarcastic most of the time

Let’s go back on vacation in another country @tizthebarber_ 😬

I know I post a lot about my animals/animals in general but how can faces like this not take your bad mood and turn it into a good mood?! Should have probably been a vet instead of a nurse but I like to think if I can treat any human as well as how I love my Chippy then I’m doing a damn good job 😬

She’s back, heart girl 💕

Happiest of Birthdays to my main gal in this world, @daniij!!! 7 years of friendship, roommates at one point, you teaching me how to use a fake ID, how to cure hangovers like a’ve shown me all the ways! I love you so much and I’m jealous that the big apple has stolen you from me. No matter how far, I’ll always play Nickelback’s Rockstar in a bar for you because it ain’t the same unless Schmidt is there. Hope today is a blur for you 💖🍸🍸🍸🍸

Haven’t worn makeup or my hair down in two weeks so this is here as a reminder that I can in fact not look like a potato all the time 🥔😜

Tangerine///Black Ice 🧡🖤

Get you a man that looks this foine in a suit as your wedding date 🤤

Today I had to go through what no animal owner wants to. Sweet, fat boy, Cosby had passed away laying in his favorite spot of the closet. Animals are like family, and I loved him just as so. I’ll miss his constant meowing to go outside and sweet cuddles at night when sleeping on my head. Thank you @kiimmyyyy for bringing this fluff ball into my life 4 years ago and allowing me to care for him. I love you forever, Cosby 💖😔

A year ago I took a selfie on one of the seven wonders of the world 🤘🏻

2 years ago this amazing man asked me to be his! He has loved me through nursing school, mental breakdowns, and even moments he probably shouldn’t have. You make me a better person each and every day and I’m glad we share these amazing moments together! I love you @tizthebarber_! 💕💕💕

Love my nugget and his crooked little salt teeth so much

NO FREAKING FILTER! I have no words besides @tuffuhknee is a hair god. Thank you!

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