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jenna joseph rares & unseens ♡  ☞ best jenna j pics on the gram ☜ ☼ #1 source for rares & unseens ☼ positivity only please ☼ spam acc: @jennaajosephpics2


i’m pretty sure my dad is dead but we’re waiting on them to confirm [#jennajoseph]

my boyfriend called me at 2 am this morning and said he wanted to sing me to sleep? he’s never done anything like this, and i was in awe. it turns out, my boy has one hell of a voice and he chose such a sweet song. i had never heard it before, but now it has such a special place in my heart. what a mans. he keeps surprising me in the most thoughtful ways. (‘: [#jennajoseph]

lil bb jenna [#jennajoseph]

hi guys! so i made another account for the purpose of posting the rares/unseens i stray from posting bc of the theme on my account. so it’s jennaajosephpics part 2 and will have the rares i haven’t posted on here, but with the same watermark i use for this account. so i can post whatever i want, without feeling like i have to stick to a certain theme and way i post. it’s @jennaajosephpics2 if you want to follow!! [#jennajoseph]

do it! i’m sad so it’s a nice distraction [#jennajoseph]

today has been a nightmare [#jennajoseph]

today is 9 months with the boy of my dreams. time is flying by and i cannot believe i’ve been with him for as long as it takes a baby to develop? i’m the luckiest girl to love him. his love is worth its weight in gold. this has been the most safe, special, and incredible thing i have ever known. my life changed the day i fell in love with this boy, and he continuously reminds me why i did. we keep defying all the odds and i’m so proud of us. everyone who told me we’d never last, everyone who said he’d leave, everyone who tried to tell me this love wasn’t real, they were wrong. so they can shove it. as far as he and i are concerned, we’ve got nine months down and forever to go. (: // ps: if you wanna hit up the sarahah and ask/talk about him/our relationship, please do so! i’m extra sappy today so i’m sooo down to talk about my boy.😂 [#jennajoseph]

can my wedding cake be this pretty😩 [#jennajoseph]

i hate facetiming erika [#jennajoseph]

being in love is lit [#jennajoseph]

it’s really discouraging when no one believes in you [#jennajoseph]

last night was a complete nightmare but you know what? today, i laughed so hard with my friends that my stomach hurt. for hours. i made dinner and we had an amazing time. and right now, i’m talking to the love of my life and he keeps calling me “pretty girl” and being the most loving boy. my heart is just a melting. life is crazy. but wow, these kind of moments make it worth it to stay and find out what happens next (: [#jennajoseph]

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