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hiii (:  unseen & rare pictures of jenna joseph🍩 •please credit if you repost• place for positivity only☀️ "we're frenemies" -mark artrip goal: 3.7k(:

THIS IS SO HQ I LOVE [#jennajoseph]

what a beautiful woman [#jennajoseph]

so i decided that for this theme, every other row will be black and white as i have lots of black and white pics to post. [#jennajoseph]

this picture😍 // click the link in bio and leave a comment!! // if i ever post a pic and you're in it or you know who is, comment and i will gladly tag you/them! giving credit is easyyyy🐸☕️ (i'm sorry i'm salty) [#jennajoseph]

ft momma dun [#jennajoseph]

pics from this day are a blessing [#jennajoseph]

sooooo excited for this theme and what's to come with this account!! have so many videos for you guys when i hit 4,000☺️

i made this theme divider by myself and i'm really proud of it😂

i usually try to stay quiet about this and ignore it. but i don't want to hear anything about the watermarks. at all. seriously, leave if you are going to comment about it. this is MY account, i'll post however i please and so will every other account that YOU do not own even though people seem to think they get to tell us how to run our accounts. i have literally had someone HACK MY ACCOUNT and refuse to give it back because of something as dumb as a watermark. but to put it simply, i could care less what they think anymore, i'll do whatever the hell i please with MY account. if you have a problem, the unfollow button isn't hard to find. i am so sick and tired of the harassment accounts like mine get for putting a simple watermark on their pictures because people steal them without credit. you try finding photos like this. see how long it takes. then have someone take your posts and say they spent all that time finding them. i'm sure a small little watermark on my posts just ruin your day and hurt you deeply, right? that's how some of y'all act. get over it, no one asked you to follow me. you do not understand the way we see it until you have an account like this, so please do keep your opinion to yourself. i work my ass off on this account, you can deal with a small watermark. rant over. [#jennajoseph]

this pic😂 [#jennajoseph]

jenna is hitting someone with a fish in this [#jennajoseph]

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