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Tyler built me a swimming pool last summer 🥰 I’m excited to swim in it again! I miss the feeling of sun on my skin, water in my nose and burping up gummy bears because I can’t wait 20 mins to swim after eating.

my chick bad my chick hood
Pepper does stuff that other one-year-olds wish they could.
our little niece is 1 today and we love her squish face. Pepper has taught me a lot about rap music and animals. particularly that horses and dogs make the same sound and Ludacris can be soothing to a crybaby.
babe cred: @zj10 & @tatumchloe

Colombia 🇨🇴 cool people. Thanks for the empanadas.
You weren’t sunny until the day I left but I’m not mad at you because I can find a light pocket anywhere. 🦎
[white outfit update: wouldn’t recommend having an appetite while wearing]

give me 10 mins in a new country and I’ll find ice cream. 🍦
hard crop because all my clothes have chocolate stains.

Lollapalooza Brasil 🇧🇷🙌🏻

we’re here in South America for Lollapalooza and a few other festivals. Tyler and Josh are happy boys, partly because they brought back "Laptop Pinching” and the other reason is because Argentina brought the heat. 87,000 people in Buenos Aires singing along to Trench. 🇦🇷💥

sometimes i don’t have a chance to leave the venue in search of doughnuts and when that happens my only way to experience the city is through the fans.
Some of my favorite cities have been when I do not leave the venue!
Watching the crowd and dancing inside of you are the most fun nights. Thanks for accepting me in your friend group, you’re the funniest quick witted clique out there.

photos by our dude @bradheaton

jet lag baking;
/beɪk/ verb:
home for one second and have to make pop-tarts to feel grounded and connected to my kitchen.

as excited as you were for chipotle that day, I am even more excited to be 100 years old with you.
happy four years of marriage! only for you will I attempt to post before 3am.
I love you

always returning home with more bags than I left with🛍 🥴

mostly I want to show ya the wallpaper on our European tour bus but the pink sprinkle in me just wants to show off my new doughnut phone.

Vive La France 🇫🇷
washing down my macarons with hot chocolate while casually riding on the back of my friends scooter around Paris. imagining I’m in an Alice in Wonderland dream and the Eiffel Tower is edible. 🥐👨‍🎨

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