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Happy Birthday to my gorgeous gf. Love you so much girlie, hope you had a great day! Miss you! ❤️

Pic number one very planned, pic number two completely candid. Merry Christmas everyone! Shoutout to Rob's mom for the pic

She's my best friend. No matter how many miles apart we live or months we go without being able to visit each other she's always there for me and will always be my number 1.

thankful for the family

You were born for leavin..

My brother didn't want to hold the fish so he had his big sis do it. I'll never be a city girl

If Hailey and I ran our own restaurant this is the stuff we'd be doing on the daily. I miss this shit girl, love you! @hailey_peservich

Halloween Party 2018 was a blast. Ragnar and Lagertha from Vikings if you're wondering.

Happy National Boyfriend Day to the best male model a girl could ask for. 😍

Halloween last year with Robbie eating pop tarts in the middle of Targét

She just jealous cause she ain't me baby. 😘

I dunno bout you but I'm feelin 22! Had a great birthday weekend. Thank you for everything baby

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