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Jenn Bonhomme  Dog trapped in a human body. Loves treats, cuddles, and taking up the whole bed when sleeping, which is frequently.

My favourite question is "Hey Jenn, want to set up Battlestar Galactica?" #Boardgames #FamilyGameNight #tabletopgames #battlestargalactica #fantasyflightgames

These two goobers decided to go for a dip in the ocean.

When family visits, it's beach days, fast car rides, and good men cooking me so much delicious food. #goodforthesoul

Feel the healing power of Kitty.

I've been journaling as part of my CBT. Being creative with it helps me stick with it every night. Every month I do different weekly spreads. Here is an example of how the week starts and ends! #bujo

Have people in your life who get you at your basest core, like friends who make you killer charcuterie boards specifically to spend an hour talking about cheese. Featuring beer Gouda, mimolette, lamb sausage, grison meat, and my new favourite cheese Hercule de Charlevois. Shout out to @ratinaudhfx for the selection, and @skullduggerygallery for some killer mustard to complement this platter!

These lazy bubbies. #catsofinstagram #dogsofinstagram

These are some abstract pieces I did that will be going up in the living room soon. Winter Street and Pool in my Night Light series. #arttherapy #goofingaround

What a zoo! Django, Monster, and Fluffy, with a very attention-seeking @potato_the_frenchbo thrown into the chaos. Tasty sendoff for these four-legged friends as they head off on their next adventure with their owner!

Relaxing and making some pieces for my upcoming coastal-inspired living room gallery wall. #arttherapy #ocean

Thank you kijiji for getting me a gently used fridge at the fraction of the cost I'd have paid at the store. For those not keeping track at home, my fridge is the latest thing to break in the last 3 months, after the washing machine, sump pump, electric heater, and furnace. I love my house but I suspect it's haunted.

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