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Jennifer O'  Wife, Mother, Actor Singer/song writer, dance artist/choreographer,..... .. HUMAN.

During a recent conversation with a couple of friends about wigs and hair extensions, someone looked at me and said "Jennifer I can't imagine what you'd look like in a wig". Then it hit me that a lot of the people in that room didn't know me when I was still in the wigs and weave game. Way before I decided to go full on natural hair/dredlocks. It's amazing how far we've come and how many people have passed through our lives and we don't even take notice.
So hair's (get it?) a very recent picture of me in a wig. I have decided to start doing wigs and weaves again....... sometimes. Depending on where I'm going.
To all my weaves and wigs people especially on Instagram, you know what to do. We are open for business.

No dammit!!!! I have to work!!!!!
😥😥. Just so you know, I hate you Ed, Edd and Victoria!!! Can't wait to get you all out!!!!!

Regrann from @bapproduction - Get your tickets to the Finale Weekend of Fela And The Kalakuta Queens by clicking link in our profile section and secure your seats.

History of the prestigious Kalakuta Queens, of their hardwork, dedication, sacrifice and love for their King, building an ultimate pillar of support for Fela that couldn’t be shaken, they are fierce,they gave it all they had, from their dance routine/performance to fighting side by side with Fela for justice.
They are true Queens in every sense of the word, they deserve to be celebrated and their untold story told.
Don’t Miss the Finale Weekend of Fela And The Kalakuta Queens with two pulsating shows this Sunday 29th April 2018 by 3pm & 7pm.
#FelaAndTheKalakutaQueens - #regrann

Regrann from @jumpsuitalex - The #ShimSham is spreading like wildfire here in Nigeria! Taught a masterclass today for some very talented and thoughtful young adults at #SpanHub in #Lagos. We laughed and stumbled and got up again. 😌🇳🇬👞👞 Words can’t express how meaningful these connections have been. #TapDance #WestAfrica - #regrann

In a few minutes, these chicas will be coming out to play. Haven't done any Tap dance anything in years. I'm really looking forward to this Tap dance Master class.

Oh and it's happening at the span hub.

21 years of stealth, grace, rising , falling, more grace , stretching, growing in capacity. Growing in strength. 21 years of saying yes to the call.
Happy birthday Spirit of David gospel dance club ...........of which I am proud to be a card carrying life time member (17years and counting)


There's a reason why I love this fellow @cavanaughjames
Regrann from @cavanaughjames - Let’s have a little touch-base, shall we?! I’m tired of looking at everyone’s contoured, highly-thirst motivated, desperate looking selfies. I’ve mentioned this before but it’s like, I just need everyone to chillax a little bit, like JUST a lil’ bit.
#😬 - #regrann

If an unauthorized aircraft flies over a restricted airspace it would be shot down. We must have the same approach with our thoughts.
Dadson Ogbor

Dear Santa,

Please give me @wwe__seth__rollins 6-8pack or @jasonstatham 6-8pack or
@finbalor_ 6-8pack and I MAY never ask you for anything again.
............oh I forgot to mention, I don't want to wait till December. I would like it right now. Pretty please 😚😚😚😚😚

Ladies and gentlemen, your attention please!!!!!! Yup we here!!

Ngwa nu look at this.
Regrann from @nedu_wazobiafm - "In ENUGU, cock wakes people up. In Lagos, by the time the cock wakes up, people are already in Obalende" - Winnie Mandela
#SuperEaglesNotKukuruku #WhoTheHellIsMessi? #WhoTheHellIsCRonaldo #SuperEaglesInspiredPhotoShoot #Patriotism #Patriotic #LoveForNigeria #GodBlessNigeria

Featuring: @thickgirlsmagic

Directed by @ezugwuchukwudi
@nwakali.c @onaziogenyi @ndidi25 @victormoses @nwakali25 - #regrann

Not yet there but surely on my way. All those layers are coming together to make sense.
So smile chica, smile. After all you're the daughter of the one who collapses time.

Hair by @bernardsmiless
Makeup by @diolsclassics

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