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Lots of pics these days of my routines so my friends and family can picture me in this season and in this place. This is The Greasy Spoon, a British foodie diner near my language school. Medina is from Kirgistan so she prefers Asian food, but sometimes I come here with American friends. Sometimes I come solo and enjoy a rare moment of solitude. (This is my first time alone in awhile.) The servers rock overalls and British accents. I love that all the tea cups are different, and my favorite dish is the avocado smash on gluten free toast. The bacon also kicks ass. Today is a work day in Sweden but we will host a belated Thanksgiving meal this weekend with friends. This afternoon my mission is to find pie pans, an electric hand mixer, pumpkin and cranberries. We will likely settle for chickens in lieu of turkey. Homesick and grateful, all at once.

Sometimes the work feels like a conjuring trick and I feel spent in peculiar ways. Working my replenishing moves today.

Shout out to the friends who get us through. I couldn't make it without you.

This is my winter hat and I'm not even kidding.

Waking up to snow. After a month away I'm tucking myself back into the film editing cave. It feels like a reward after tending to so many other things. #ig_stockholm #nofilter

Two of my favorite lunch dates together on one day means super bliss. Heidi and Medina keep my heart feeling light.
(PS I somehow find the people with the kindest eyes.)

Today I broke something precious to me and wept bitterly about it, like a child. I gave up the ruse and removed the dried flower blooms from the plant in the kitchen window. I thought about the finishing kick I'm on, and the Destroyer archetype, and wondered what else I will obliterate before the week ends. We love to talk about creating but there's this other side where we burn things down to the ground to create not only a clearing but a chemical chain reaction for what comes next. So I'm going gently because the tears aren't just about the dead flowers or the broken pieces I gingerly picked up off the floor. They are about so much I've loved and what I can't keep safe or preserve forever. So grateful Charlie came today to fix the tub. Dinner is in the oven and then I'll make a fire. It will be so much nicer now that I've found the flue.

Or maybe I'll wait on that fire until next week.

Just in case.

After creating alongside each other for the last few years, a new season is upon us and it's time to say goodbye to the Just Between You & Me podcast. When I think about @timmanleytimmanley, I think about the gift it is to find friends who speak to us with the compassionate and understanding voices we so often struggle to access for ourselves. Our time together is an opportunity to internalize those voices so we can soften our internal dialogues into something more gracious and kind. In the presence of kindness we learn to regard our experiences as valid, and our lesser-known quirks as less problematic than we feared. We cheer each other on and become more skilled at cheering on ourselves. For these and a hundred other reasons I'm full of gratitude to Tim for four years of rich conversation and for all who read along with The 10 Letters Project or listened to our podcast. It would be a dream to have brought some kind and encouraging words into your world as well. Thanks and much love as we go onward.



Getting ready for bed early. Some days it's the best move.

I think I figured out how to turn on the heat so it's time for the friggebod: winter edition. Back to work and writing. [Also: I am a little bit on fire.]

A sweet afternoon hanging with @heidi.beth.92. My mind is itching to get back to work and my body is craving the rhythm of regular days but first one more day to rest and regroup. Recently I had a visceral sensation of the season changing and I couldn't be more grateful. I feel like I am graduating from survival mode. Collecting the forces inside and getting ready to unleash.

God I've missed that feeling.

Fall holiday week in #Stockholm.


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