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"Have fun 0"

Game 3.... Spikey

They say boy can be in other states close to Ohio now .... be safe and alert PLEASE!... this a terrible situation man and somebody need to clap boy for real... but on the flip side stop ignoring or brushing off people when they going thru something and are reaching out for help esp if you care about them... it's no excuse for what he did BUT he said in numerous videos on the phone talkin to different ppl and even his mom that he been reaching out trying to talk and express what he was feeling and everybody brushed him off... stop brushing people off then try to care when it's too late! Depression is real. Mental illness is real. Stop saying they just want attention cause IT MIGHT NOT BE THE CASE THEY MIGHT REALLY BE DEPRESSED OR MENTALLY UNSTABLE AND HARM THEMSELVES OR GO KILL 15 RANDOM PEOPLE JUST CAUSE! smh

HAPPY BDAY MY NIGGA! Had to bring the lemon juice thru, if u knew my dad u already know bout the lemon juice lol. Crazy the lil things you hold on to after they gone. My pops was top 5 funniest dudes ever man still can't believe he dead... 4/15 a national holiday to me ... #RIP

I look bad at the moment and that's just "keep'n it 1000 with myself" as should u ALWAYS. @thousandairebrand

My Nigga woulda been 31 today. Gave me the nickname Jenks! Still can't believe they killed my nigga man smh this Dipset album was our shit! Still think about ya everytime I hear it that's why I play it so much! Happy Bday Bro #RIP

One of my players dad wore this to the banquet today cause I played on that team.... WE WAS NICEEEEE #racernation

Lmaoooooo.... this accurate with a few walk-away vids per week πŸ˜©πŸ˜‚

Road trips with coach jenks and coach @j.wa1k 😎🀘🏽


"On my pops!" #RIP πŸ˜‚

Happy 58th bday ma! U look amazing🀘🏽

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