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Jenna Kruiskamp  Connection | Experience ✨Reiki 🙏Yoga + Pilates 🌊Surf • Currently Manager @talallawellness [wellness retreats] + Owner @boxilates [boxing + pilates]

Not quitting my day job anytime soon 🙌 awesome week back in retreat land #talallawellness #yoga #surf #pilates #srilanka #retreat

I hear constantly “I can’t meditate” .. “ I’m not good at it” ... “I can’t stop thinking”. My answer is always the same. There is no good or bad. All it is, is a practice. A choice to sit with yourself, quietly. Introspection. Nothing more, nothing less. You can use contemplative, integrative or concentrative tools.. whatever you like, and simply practice. More to come on this soon.. 🙌😘 #retreat #reflection #selfawareness #wakingup

Team meetings on retreat ✌🏻@talallawellness

Flower power art. I like the way Buddhists do things 🙏💕

Simplicity. Appreciate everything around you 💕Thanks east coast for so much fun, connection, nature, surf, wine and pastries. Until next time... see you soon Sri Sri 🇱🇰

Prepping for the upcoming BOXILATES Course - Gold Coast this Sunday May 6th 💪🏻👊🏼 beach not included #boxilates #boxing #pilates #fitness #teachertraining #stingsports

I know I need to ... the most common thing I hear on retreat lately. And has hit home personally the last two weeks with not being able to surf. Sometimes you’ll be forced into action, and other times it’s your responsibility to make a choice and take action. Jumped back into the water yesterday and so glad I chose to rest my wrist and listen to my body 🙏 p.s almost time for another A bay girls trip ladies! #srilanka #retreat

This is Kitchari. It was all I ate for three days trying an Ayurveda cleanse, which I documented for @talallawellness and can highly recommend if you’re feeling sluggish or low on energy. *Disclaimer* there is toilet talk involved. Link in bio ✌🏻 #ayurveda #cleanse #reset #nutrition #health #lifescience #talalla #wellbeing

When it looks fun but you’re injured and have to sit it out 😏

If you’re QLD based and interested in BOXILATES I’ll be hosting our Foundations course on MAY 6th @organicpilates - register online and get ready to sweat 💥💪🏻👌#boxilates #boxing #pilates #fusion #teachertraining #sweat #fitness #brisbane #goldcoast #pilatesinstructor

Can you connect with and remember the person you were before the world told you who you should be? • Talalla Wellness celebrates one year and I’m so thankful for the love and support of everyone around me, this business and this place. This last year has been the most challenging ever for me personally - and I came through it with the love and support of so so many (too many to list!). For that I’m beyond grateful. Thank you 🙏💕

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