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Denise, Godly. No Negativity 

Clean this house from the inside out restore my soul lord despite of,thank u help all of us remove the impurities🙇

Happy mothers day2018

Happy Mother's Day 2018

Celebrate today it's ur special day it's ur 25th bday love u god bless🎂🎈

To my beautiful baby girl she is truly talented with a kind humble heart, such a sweet spirit she is my future nurse an I love her parents celebrate ur children that's very important to them, be there cheerleader, I love u sweetheart, god bless ur life as I speak it into existence you will win🔛🔝❤️

Never a spoken word from either, shame on them for not getting involved in there own community which could an would have made such a difference

So proud of this young lady right here(my baby) for going after her true goals an getting engaged to steven bless their union an their lives father god I speak life over their lives an for them both to accomplish the world🏃🏽💑🌎🌷🔥🥂🔛🔝🔜

I am just to lost for words

Look around u an see how many people are happy for u as u climb the ladder of doing great, (UM)? Very few

If ur not getting attacked ur not in gods face as u should be its only when u chase god the enemy comes in like a flood I'm a living witness oh boy I'm I, amen

Keep them pics coming it's ur memories🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗

Running with Jesus, amen

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