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Jason Jenkins 

FaceTiming with @1corinthians13_love never gets old! She’s out of town and I would guess she’s having a great time. #beautiful #joyful #complete @_nolanjenkins_ @jenkins_partyof5 @caro_kunz

I can’t even! @1corinthians13_love _love heads off to Liberty in less than 5 months. @caro_kunz leaves in less than 3 months. But never doubt, I still have the boy @_nolanjenkins_ and Fortnite (whatever that is) and I still get to make out with my bombshell bride @jenkins_partyof5 ! I love my family! #blessed #eternallygrateful #beautifullife

I have the best daughter in the world! These never get old. I love you @1corinthians13_love What a wonderful season. #blessed #presseddownandrunningover @jenkins_partyof5 @msmnwa

Blessed is the man who meditates on Gods Law day and night... what are you feeding on? #cows #blessed #feedongodsword @1corinthians13_love @jenkins_partyof5 @caro_kunz @caro_kunz @_nolanjenkins_

The only woman that can just pile up at the table during man’s night! What a beautiful surprise! #alwayswelcome #whatabeauty @1corinthians13_love @jenkins_partyof5 @nikkidaniellespurlock @preaus39

Churchianity vs Christianity... when you replace love with law, you lose. #love #grace #mercy #truth @jenkins_partyof5 @1corinthians13_love

Just today I met with 4 people who aren’t just having a tough time, they are experiencing pure hell in their life. Marriages, in-laws, financial, drugs, death. My only encouragement is, don’t quit. The night won’t last. Ignore the guitar, I’ve never played for anyone...ever. Hear the words. It’s about the message. Emma Mae is just beautiful! Jesus is even greater. Keep moving! #iknowthenightwontlast @1corinthians13_love @jenkins_partyof5 @caro_kunz @elevationworship

If Jesus didn’t rise from the grave, none of us get out of here alive. Do you have a better plan of living again? #thegospel #resurrection #praisethename #nlcfayetteville @1corinthians13_love @jenkins_partyof5 @_nolanjenkins_ @jasonkimbrow @garrettmatsuyama @nlcfayetteville @rickbezet

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