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Holy fuckaroli via 📸 @brycekanights: “People often ask me what are some of the craziest things that I’ve seen in all of my years in skateboarding. This one in China a few years back was definitely a wild one!”

Skateboarding has always been about tricking the devil and when you’re young and dumb it doesn’t hurt to tempt him with a couple of extra kicks to the nuts as long as you survive and get mad likes on instagram. 👉@fionzion: 1 Devil: 0👈

📣Heyo!! Friends! Family! Randoms! Summer's fully here and to celebrate we're throwing a big ol' Block Party in collaboration w/ @chrome_industries, @vansskate & @kcdcskateshop.
Here's the nitty gritty: Sunday, June 24, 3-9PM at 318 Kent Ave. 21++ RSVP: 👉 👈 for entry. ALL ARE INVITED!
Bring your board, your lazy stoner roommate or that 1 person you've planned to hang out with for months now and never got around to. Special guest & DJ set from @_breakfree_ 🙏🙏

What Happened to Nick Trapasso? We tracked him down to discuss the events that led to his departure from the major skateboarding spotlight 🔦. Interview up on you know where now 📝🤪

👼 It’s no secret that the majority of skaters these days wear Vans, Cons, Nike & Adidas so we asked younger skaters how they think small skate shoe brands could win back their business. 📝 Hear their opinions on the site! 🗣

Hill Bombing Lvl 2 📈w/ @shyguyseeps

⚠️ We just intercepted Japan’s secret promo for their new AI cyborg-shredder: GENO7🤖 aka “@kikuchi_taisei”. Built by Nippon INC in 2008 after seeing the potential of Nike’s ZIGRAM23, GENO7 is next-gen tech with 2 goals: Win Olympics & Bring great honor for Country. DO NOT SHARE!! ⚠️


Newest Jenkem Mix w/ @benchadourne the French mastermind behind “Purple” is up now for your listening pleasure 🕺💃🔊.

Inside Skateboarders Bedrooms is a feature in #jenkemvol2 with @mehringsbearings but we had so many shots + subjects that we couldn’t fittem all in the book. We just posted the unused shots & unused angles on ✔️ Grab the book to get the whole feature and also not have to strain ur eyes like a psycho staring at a 4 inch screen.

Hanging out with... @gangcorp, the hectic 30 man NY skate crew is up now on🥊🥊Here’s some tricks shot by our guy @araspa during the short afternoon filming sesh 🚨

Happy Mother’s Day 💕

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