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Jen Hill  You'll either fall in love with me, or want to run me over.

What do YOU wear to play D&D on a Monday night? This gnome wears a #UNIQUEPIECE!

❤️ Birthday shenanigans with @gnatmurray!


The situation has escalated. #coldshoulder #bulldog

This weekend, as I start down the path towards my MA @royalroadsu, not everyone is excited about this next adventure. #chancho #bulldog #canweplaynow

Not in bad shape for being 25 years old! #kwalikumsecondaryschool #grad92

Today's interweb win goes to this guy! 🙌🏻

Put your head on my shoulder...

‪In a grade 4/5 classroom today. I think this could be retitled "Solving Life Problems". ‬

I feel the Peregrine Falcon from yesterday was "adjusting" an injustice in my past. ---> The Birds. c. 2001, London.

You know when you get home from work and the wife is prepping dinner... #yvr #falcon #citywildlife #pigeon

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