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Jen Heward On YouTube  MAIN Account @hunnybunsfit @hbfcollection🌺 💪🏼 Code "HunnyBuns" Download my app and train with me 📲👇🏼

Just finished up filming my 90 Day Challenge #SummerBody Build & Burn with @fitplan_app.

WILL RELEASE EARLY JUNE! You can download the app NOW (Apple and Android) link is in my Instagram profile. I already have a 60 day challenge in my app 💪🏼

Thank you to each everyone who brought this together yet again! Not only did we work hard, but we have fun in the process! I wouldn't want to be apart of any other team then my @fitplan_app team! Thank you all so much ♥️

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For the back of the shouldas 💪🏼 single straight arm reverse fly. The key is to not rush, focus on squeezing the back of the shoulder into your back.
12-15 reps each arm. 3-4 sets. #jhDBSAreversefly
_ ✔My exact workout routine on @fitplan_app.
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I posted this a while back, but a modified pull up! Great for beginners or just a way to change it up. Really observe my form. The key is still keeping back parallel just as if you were doing a hanging/body weight pull up. I don't pull at an angle. Also where you place your feet will adjust the intensity. Farther out on your heels or heel will be more difficult. Bending your knees and bringing your feet in more flat will be easier. You can adjust to your level 🙌🏼 10-20 reps 3-4 sets! #jhbbpullup #jhbeginnerpullup

Finishing off today with the always favorite spinach, mushroom and onion omelette (1 whole egg, 1 cup egg whites) avocado and salsa with fruit!
Yes I eat fruit late at night. Yes it has sugar. Fruit is a great option especially when you get those late night sweet cravings (as most of you do) Your body will be more opt to use natural sugars (it's a simple carb and great source for quick energy and recovery) Natural sugar is less likely to be stored as fat VS processed sugars.
Fruit offers antioxidants and essential nutrients where processed sweets don't. Fruit won't cause a spike in blood sugar and the crash like processed sweets do. I eat a lot of fruit actually and find that cravings of processed sweets almost cease to exist 🙌🏼😘

Look what I just received in the mail! The first product of my supplement line "the J Series" @stancesupplements!! So excited!! I'm so excited to start using this! Have you gotten yours yet!? If not go to code: hunnybuns 😍😋

Just a different variation to do a lunge. Holding the weight under your leg shifts the muscle engagement/isolation from upper body, back,core to your legs! These burned under butt and hamstrings so good!🔥🔥🔥 12 reps each leg 4-5 sets #jhbblungeUL

I'm obsessed with glute raise of any kind 😆 it's by the far the best booty shaper!
Exercise 1 - barbell glute raise. 15 reps with 1 sec pause at top. #jhbbgluteraise

Exercise 2 - bosu ball single leg glute raise 20 reps each leg. 4 sets #jhbosuSLGR
_ ✔My exact workout routine on @fitplan_app.
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Ok guys! It's Finally here! The launch of the first product of supplement line "The J Series" with @stancesupplements!!!! Burn fat more efficiently and get fiber all in one! I'm super excited it will be available tomorrow go to (code: Hunnybuns)

As most of you know I have been following #intuitiveeating and avoiding anything processed. But I recently tried and have fallen in love with @sourcebar. They have little crispies in them and the flavors are amazing! I do consider any protein bar processed, but some things can be an exemption 😊 I like that they are grass-fed whey protein, no anti-bittering agents, artificial preservatives, hydrogenated oils or corn syrup sweeteners!! How awesome is that!? This is not a sponsored post, just found something that I enjoy eating every once in awhile and wanted to share with you all! Sometimes these things can help fix a sweet tooth 😘

For the lats! (Muscle that starts below your arm pit and goes down the side) you ca do this with a cable machine or resistance bands. The band provides constant resistance VS the cable machine. The benefits of changing it up is to avoid plateaus, engaging different muscles, shocking the muscles, improving muscle endurance and strength. I like to change it up often. No specific time frame just as I feel like it! The blue band in using is medium weight/intensity to the hardest band option.

Exercise 1 - Single arm side Lat pull down. 15-20 reps 4 sets. #jhbandSLPD

Exercise 2 - straight arm lay pull down. 15-20 reps 4 sets. #jhbandSALPD
_ ✔My exact workout routine on @fitplan_app.
✔️Supplements from @stancesupplements code "Hunnybuns".

Veggie and Bison Sauté with Pan Fried Garlic Basil potatoes!

Sauté bell peppers, mushroom and onions in light mist of olive oil. Toss in 1lb bison burger (available most grocery stores/Costco). Season with cumin, pepper and salt. Simmer on medium till cooked through.
Best to use a cast iron pan for potatoes. Cut up golden and red potatoes into small squares. Heat pan with olive oil. Add potatoes, stir and coat with olive oil. Season with garlic, pepper, salt, paprika and dried basil. Pan fry uncovered for 15-20 min on low. Constantly flipping and stirring to avoid burning. You want them to be slightly golden and crispy on edges! Enjoy!

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