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Jen Heward On YouTube  MAIN Account @hunnybunsfit 💪🏼 Code "HunnyBuns" 60 Day Fitness Challenge 💥 HBF Collection 🌺 Fitness Apparel 👇🏼

Download NOW my @fitplan_app 60 day #fitness challenge the #FULLBODYBURN for android and iPhone! My 90 day #SUMMERBODY challenge is coming beginning of June! Nutrition will be added very soon 🍎 .
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Made some bison tacos tonight because it sounded good! Yes I'll enjoy myself some tortillas every now and then ;)
Bison burger cooked in garlic, pepper, salt and reduced sugar lettuce.
Sauté red bell pepper and white onion.
Jasmine rice cooked in lime juice, cilantro and salt.
Mashed avocado in lime juice, garlic and salt.
Chopped up spinach, tomato and green onion.
Used yellow corn tortillas (no specific brand, I like the softer ones)
Topped with Parmesan ♥️

Booty and leg isolation using the cable. Doing the sumo squat here with the cable instead of holding weight on my back or with my arms creates more isolation on the lower half. The less back and arms are involved. You still have to use core here because you have to stabilize against the pull of the cable 💪🏼 15-30 reps. Stand wide and toes turned out slightly. #jhsumocablesquat 3-4 sets •
✔️My exact workout routine on @fitplan_app.
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Nothing fancy, but SO YUMMY! Banana Nut omelette. Cooked 1 cup egg whites with sea salt. Then layered almond butter, banana, cinnamon and local honey. 😋 (tip: buying honey from a local bee farm or natural food store that carries local honey is better then buying it at your grocery store. Honey from a manufacture tends will be processed and chemically altered unfortunately)

Want to push yourself over a physical or mental plateau!? Try this bosu workout. Training back muscles, core, stability/balance and arms!! 12-15 reps each arm (each movement is 1 rep) 3-4 sets #jhbosudoubleback
_ ✔️My exact workout routine on @fitplan_app.
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How I feel about @stancesupplements FIBURN 😆 #energy #thermogenic #fiber supplement all in one. The first product of my very own line "The J Series" by @stancesupplements gets yours and more from code: HUNNYBUNS •
Snapchat 👻 username: jenheward

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Sauté bok choy and mushrooms and Cilantro lime shrimp 😋

Marinate cooked shrimp in 1-2 tbsp of olive oil, 1-2 tbsp apple cider vinegar, paprika, cilantro, basil, garlic, stevia, salt, pepper, lime juice and onion powder!

Just finished up filming my 90 Day Challenge #SummerBody Build & Burn with @fitplan_app.

WILL RELEASE EARLY JUNE! You can download the app NOW (Apple and Android) link is in my Instagram profile. I already have a 60 day challenge in my app 💪🏼

Thank you to each everyone who brought this together yet again! Not only did we work hard, but we have fun in the process! I wouldn't want to be apart of any other team then my @fitplan_app team! Thank you all so much ♥️

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For the back of the shouldas 💪🏼 single straight arm reverse fly. The key is to not rush, focus on squeezing the back of the shoulder into your back.
12-15 reps each arm. 3-4 sets. #jhDBSAreversefly
_ ✔My exact workout routine on @fitplan_app.
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I posted this a while back, but a modified pull up! Great for beginners or just a way to change it up. Really observe my form. The key is still keeping back parallel just as if you were doing a hanging/body weight pull up. I don't pull at an angle. Also where you place your feet will adjust the intensity. Farther out on your heels or heel will be more difficult. Bending your knees and bringing your feet in more flat will be easier. You can adjust to your level 🙌🏼 10-20 reps 3-4 sets! #jhbbpullup #jhbeginnerpullup

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